Posted on June 16th, 2016

​​​Date:   June 16, 2016

Host:  Jim Schneider 

 Sam Rohrer

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​Sam Rohrer is the president of the American Pastors Network and the Pennsylvania Pastors Network. Sam served for 18 years as a state representative in Pennsylvania. In his role with the American Pastors Network he encourages pastors to boldly preach biblical truth, especially on issues affecting our current society. Sam has recently drafted an action plan, 'Transgender Identity-Not Accepting God's Design'.

Sam is amazed at the speed with which our moral free-fall is taking place, not just in America, but around the world. We're progressing at quantum speed, relative not only to the downward moral spiral but even the forward movement of what he considers to be biblical prophecy worldwide.

Jim noted that America has become a major exporter of immorality through things like LGBT liaisons, ambassadors, as well as funds that have been channeled into promoting the transgender agenda worldwide.

Sam described how the current administration has been leveraging nations for about the past 6 or 7 years as it pertains to federal funds. Leaders of other nations have been told that if they don't put same-sex marriage, homosexuality and abortion into their constitutions, the U.S. will withhold foreign aid.

In the end, Sam believes the U.S. has been the largest promoter of evil, anti-God, immoral actions of literally any nation in the history of the world. This is in opposition to our founders who operated in the fear of God. They understood that God is our creator, which we see in the beginning words of our Declaration of Independence and they understood that God would be our judge and the determiner of the rightness of our actions. That last point is how they ended the Declaration of Independence where they appealed to the Great Judge of the universe to hear the rectitude (the righteousness) of our cause.

Now, unless a school decides to fight it, from Kindergarten on, children are being taught that gender is fluid and can change. According to Sam, children are the target in this because the intent is to take the innocence of our children and make them calloused and to sear their consciences toward the differences between male and female.

Jim also pointed to a new Disney/Pixar movie that has a transgender Stingray character who transitions to become 'Sting Rhonda'. Sam believes this is an arrogant attempt to redefine what God has defined for mankind.

In an attempt to equip people with a response, Sam has developed a free online 'tool kit' available at the website listed below. Once you're on the site, click on the headline that says, 'Free Resources to Help You Understand the Transgender Identity Debate'. That is where you can access a 'white paper'. This is a 10 page document that answers the basic arguments about the transgender issue. This online 'tool kit' also includes a sample 'letter to the editor', one for legislators, one for school board members, a church bulletin insert and a list of action steps that pastors can take.

More Information:

To see the free, online 'tool kit' go to

Posted on June 15th, 2016

​​Date:   June 15, 2016

Host:  Jim Schneider 

Guest:  Ron Rhodes

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​Ron Rhodes is the president of Reasoning from the Scriptures Ministries, a teaching and resource ministry that specializes in defending Christianity against atheists, agnostics, skeptics, the cults, world religions and any group teaching false doctrine. Ron is the author of over 70 books most of which deal in the area of apologetics. He has also authored some Bible study books. This program discussed his book, '90 Days Through the New Testament in Chronological Order'.

Ron feels there's a great need for people to get back to the Bible. He noted that the reason why so many people don't feel close to the Lord is because they really aren't into God's Word. In response he's been writing books on Bible study to draw people back into Scripture and help them to understand how exciting it can be.

Why a book dealing with the N.T. in chronological fashion? Ron told listeners that the N.T. deals with real people and real events that happened in history. It's not just a book of theology or doctrine so he felt that people might like to cover it in the same order as events actually occurred.

Ron admitted that there is some debate regarding the chronological order of events. The chronology that he presents is mainstream among the very best conservative scholars, namely those who believe the Bible is the Word of God. In other words, the scholarship he used doesn't come from liberal voices that question whether the N.T. was actually written by Matthew, Mark, Luke & John or don't believe in miracles, etc.

This program is jam-packed with interesting facts as Ron covers numerous N.T. related topics and answers some questions as well. For example:

--Over what period of time was the N.T. written?
--A New Testament overview: What is its place in the entirety of Scripture and
how is it broken down?
--What about the differences in the New Testament accounts? Should any of them
be viewed as contradictions?
--Why we can understand the book of Acts as the Acts of the Holy Spirit and not
just the Acts of the Apostles.
--The implications and applications of the Epistles as they pertain to what the
reader will have already learned in both the gospels and the book of Acts.
--How does Ron deal with problem passages in this book?

This Crosstalk covers so much more so if you've been considering reading through the New Testament and have been looking for a 'tour guide', find out if this book is for you when you review this broadcast.

More Information:

'90 Days Through the New Testament in Chronological Order' can be purchased for a donation of $18. Another option is to purchase the Ron Rhodes set. This includes the '90 Days' book along with '40 Days Through Genesis', '40 Days Through Daniel' and '40 Days Through Revelation. This package normally retails for $60 plus shipping. Crosstalk is offering this set for a donation of just $49 (which includes shipping). Go to or call 1-800-729-9829.

Posted on June 14th, 2016

​Date:   June 14, 2016

Host:  Jim Schneider 

Guest:  Ken Ham

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​Though it's been years in the making, we're just weeks away from the opening of Ark Encounter. This will take place on July 7th in Williamstown, Kentucky. The Ark Encounter will be the largest timber-framed structure in the world.

Joining Jim to discuss the opening of this massive exhibit was Ken Ham. Ken is the president, CEO and founder of Answers in Genesis-U.S. And the highly acclaimed Creation Museum and the soon to open Ark Encounter. Ken Ham is one of the most in-demand Christian speakers in North America and is an author of numerous books on origins and apologetics.

For a life size replica to become a reality, everyone had to come to a consensus concerning the appearance of the Ark and the measurements. The reason the measurements are an issue is because the Bible talks about cubits as it deals with the Ark and not inches and feet. Making matters even more complicated, Ken noted that throughout history there have been cubits of varying length. They settled on a 20.4 inch cubit known as the 'Hebrew long cubit'.

Ken described the reaction of some secular individuals who didn't realize the Ark was so massive. In fact, after seeing the Ark, some who have doubted that all the animals could fit inside have commented that perhaps they were wrong.

As this program moved along, Jim had Ken discuss the following:

--What did former president Jimmy Carter think about the project?
--Do we know how long it took Noah to build the original Ark? How long did it
take Ken?
--What does it look like inside?
--Has all opposition to the project been from people outside the Christian faith?
--How is the Ark Encounter going to enable Christians to defend their faith and
proclaim the gospel of Christ effectively?

Ken provides the answers on this fun and fascinating edition of Crosstalk.

More Information:

Posted on June 13th, 2016

​​​​Date:   June 13, 2016

Host:  Jim Schneider

Guest:  Usama Dakdok

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​Usama Dakdok is the founder and director of the Straightway of Grace Ministry, equipping Christians to be effective witnesses of Jesus Christ to their Muslim neighbors, as well as ministering to Muslims directly. Usama is Egyptian born. He studied Islam and Islamic law since a young age. Usama speaks fluent Arabic and has translated the Qur’an into English. He's the speaker on the program, 'Revealing the Truth about Islam' which airs daily on VCY America.

This weekend, Omar Mateen, a man who had pledged allegiance to ISIS, shot and killed at least 49 individuals before taking his own life at a homosexual night club in Orlando, Florida.

Even though ISIS has claimed credit for the rampage, even though Mateen claimed solidarity with the Boston Marathon bombers and even though his parents came out of Afghanistan (his father is allegedly a strong supporter of the Taliban), President Obama refuses to recognize the Islamic connection. He said, 'We must determine what, if any, inspiration or association this killer may have had with terrorist groups.'

Usama recognizes the president's refusal to acknowledge Islam's role in this attack. In fact, Usama even has a problem with conservatives who use the phrase 'radical Islam' to describe such events. Instead, Usama sees actions like this as the practice of the teaching of Allah in the Qur’an and the practice of the command of Mohammed in the Hadith.

Fox News reported that Mateen had ties to a radical Imam named Marcus Dwayne Robertson, a former U.S. Marine known to supporters at his Orlando-based fundamental Islamic Knowledge Seminary as Abu Taubah. Usama noted how Robertson received $300,000 in taxpayer funding to build a mosque in Orlando's airport.

Usama also clarified that there is no such thing as a radical Imam. If someone has the title of Imam before his name, that person is a 100% solid-core Muslim jihadi.

Right now Muslims are celebrating Ramadan yet ISIS has called upon Muslims to carry out attacks against the West. So could what happened in Orlando be a fulfillment of this request? Usama explained that Mohammed changed the lifestyle of the Arabs. Before he ever claimed to be a prophet, Arabs, atheists, agnostics and idol worshipers used to have the month of Ramadan to be warned about a period known as the forbidden months. These were peaceful months where no one could kill anyone even if a person found out that someone killed their father, brother or other relative. You had to wait until this period passed before you could retaliate. However, that custom changed. Now Muslims kill more people in the month of Ramadan than any month of the year because they believe if you kill an infidel in the month of Ramadan, you receive a greater reward.

Other voices are weighing in. One of those is the Council on American-Islamic Relations. They claim that Mateen doesn't represent the Muslim community in any way and called what took place in Orlando as a hate crime.

Since the Qur’an says one thing and today's Muslim leaders are saying something else, who's telling the truth? Usama had much more to reveal that sheds light on the answer and you can hear it all when you review this crucial Crosstalk broadcast.

More Information:


Posted on June 10th, 2016

​​​Date:   June 10, 2016

Host:  Jim Schneider  

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​Jim filled this entire edition of Crosstalk with information concerning the following news stories:

--A federal appeals court in San Francisco ruled that people do not have a Second
Amendment right to carry concealed weapons in public.
--Democratic National Committee platform committee member Bonnie Schaefer doesn't
believe anyone should have a gun.
--Israel imposed a series of sweeping restrictions on the Palestinian movement,
employing hundreds of additional troops to the West Bank in response to a Tel
Aviv attack that killed 4 Israeli's.
--President Obama renewed a presidential waver that would delay moving the U.S.
embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem for another six months.
--Jew hatred is coming to France with Muslim migrants and the rising Muslim
--President Obama gives his endorsement to Hillary Clinton as the next president.
--In a court filing, lawyers for the State Department say that it would take 75
years to release the e-mails of Hillary Clinton's staffers.
--The Obama administration has barred the release of those Clinton e-mails linked
to the controversial Trans Pacific Partnership deal until after the November
--President Obama insists that Americans have to take climate change seriously
otherwise Manhattan could end up under water.
--President Obama tells graduates of the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado
Springs that the U.S. military is stronger because women can now serve in all
combat positions and because we are closing down the Guantanamo Bay prison.
--The battle continues over whether women should have to sign up for a potential
--President Obama issued his proclamation for LGBT Pride Month 2016.
--President Obama is allegedly considering declaring a bar as a national monument
to the Stonewall Riots.
--Hillary Clinton wrote an editorial that shows her support for same-sex
--California legislators are working to force Christian colleges and universities
to embrace transgender rights or lose funding for students.
--The Department of Defense held its fifth LGBT Pride month ceremony in the
Pentagon courtyard.
--The Air Force Secretary says she is certain that transgenders will be allowed to
serve in a more open way.
--The Navy Secretary says that 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' was insidious and morally
--Target's CEO holds tight to transgender restroom policy in spite of their 10
billion dollar Wall Street loss.
--A Long Island high school graduation ceremony will feature gender neutral
--Washington State to teach transgender theory beginning with Kindergarten
--New York City mayor launches government sponsored, city-wide, restroom ad
--An African American woman that leads a state chapter of the ACLU resigned,
citing her own daughter's frightened reaction to males using a women's restroom.
--A U.S. District Judge issued an order in an attempt to permanently overturn the
Alabama Supreme Court regarding marriage.
--A Virginia school board is facing a lawsuit over a policy that bans transgender
students from using bathrooms and locker rooms that match their preferred gender
identity due to bodily privacy concerns of other students.
--The NBA is embarking on a 2 week campaign to sell limited edition LGBT Pride
Month T-shirts. Proceeds of the sale will benefit the Gay, Lesbian & Straight
Education Network.
--Parents and teenage girls in Alaska are asking whether allowing a biological
male to compete against biological females in sports is fair after a boy who
identified as a female won a high profile track and field event.
--Baby Israel Stinson, who was diagnosed as 'brain dead', is said to be showing
improvement now that he's receiving medical treatment outside the U.S.
--A Virginia family is fighting for the life of their 2 year old after hospital
says she is 'probably' brain-dead.
--A California medical practitioner has opened up his own euthanasia
practice, taking advantage of yesterday's implementation of the state's new
physician assisted suicide law.
--The governor of Oklahoma has signed a pro-life bill that will teach the public
and students that abortion kills a living human being.
--California state lawmakers are one step closer to expanding coverage under
Obamacare to illegal immigrants.
--ISIS burns 19 Yazidi women alive in metal cages because they refused to become
sex slaves.
--Pakistani mother burns her 17 year old daughter alive for marrying against
family wishes.
--The threat of a terrorist attack using nuclear materials is the highest since
the end of the cold war with ISIS actively trying to obtain weapons of mass
--Migrants in Chios burn down their tents and some have threatened to kill
children in protest of asylum waiting times.
--ISIS has issued kill lists that call on loyalists to attack everyone from
Minnesota police to State Department employees and ordinary citizens.
--The State Department has smashed a Syrian refugee admittance record.
--A school calls upon a sheriff to prevent a child from showing inspirational
notes to classmates.

Posted on June 9th, 2016

​​Date:   June 9, 2016

Host:  Jim Schneider  

Guest:  Dr. Sandra Dettmann​

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​Dr. Sandra Dettmann is an addiction medicine specialist, CEO and owner of the Dettmann Center based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She is also an adjunct professor at Grand Valley State University, Kirkhof College of Nursing and Cook-DeVos Center for Health Services in Grand Rapids. She is also an assistant Professor at Michigan State University College of Human Medicine. She is a licensed physician and surgeon and is board certified in addiction medicine, emergency medicine and numerous other licenses.

How serious is the problem of prescription drug abuse? The Center for Disease Control has declared opioid use to be a national epidemic. Also, in the U.S. individuals are at a higher risk of dying today from a drug overdose than they are in a car accident.

Dr. Dettmann believes that addiction is an equal opportunity destroyer. She also feels it's society that seems confused about this issue and that addiction is a disease. No one wakes up at age 12 one day saying they want to be a drug addict or an alcoholic because it's such a glamorous life. The disease chooses them. Where these individuals do have a choice is in how they choose to control their disease. She said that a diabetic can come to her and she can prescribe insulin for them, show them how to take it, show them how to check their blood sugar and what diet to follow. What she can't do is make them do it. The onus is on the individual to control their disease.

She admits, the disease of addiction does carry with it bad behaviors, nevertheless she sees addicted individuals as good people with a bad disease. She feels it's no different than people who contract cancer, high blood pressure, heart disease or diabetes. There is not a stereotypical 'face' you can put on those who are addicted and abusive with drugs. Judges, lawyers, doctors and more become addicted. The disease of addiction is not limited to those living on the streets. In fact, 82.3% of heroin users started with prescription drugs.

So what drugs/medications are part of the controversy? Dr. Dettmann listed Vicodin, Methadone, Oxycodone, Oxycontin, Morphine and Fentanyl. When taken as directed and stopped at the appropriate time, that's the proper use of such medications.

This brings up what Dr. Dettmann cited as the difference between chemical dependency and drug addiction. The analogy she gave was that of a newborn baby of a heroine addict. That child would not be viewed as a drug addict. They're not lying, cheating, stealing and manipulating to obtain more medication. However, that child is chemically dependent. They are sick without the drug. In other words, there are people who begin innocently with, for example, back pain. They are prescribed opiates and a couple of months later when the doctor refuses to prescribe more opiates, they are sick without them.

This Crosstalk also provides information concerning the symptoms of opioid withdrawal, the use of Naloxone to help cope with withdrawal, the great increase in opioid use in America despite no overall change in the amount of pain people are reporting, specifics on the powerful narcotic known as Fentanyl, dangerous 'Skittles parties', the need for more dialogue on this issue, a warning for Christian families and more.

More Information:

Dr. Dettmann's phone number


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