Posted on April 16th, 2015

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Air Date: April 16, 2015

Host : Jim Schneider

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Jim began this edition of Crosstalk with a warning to parents that tomorrow, many schools will be participating in the Day of Silence. This day is sponsored by the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network. It urges young people to practice activism within and for the homosexual cause in the public classroom.

On Monday, April 20th some will be celebrating national 'Get High Day.' It's a day when young adults seek to get 'high' which makes it an introduction to drug use for others.

Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Marco Rubio have joined the list of candidates competing for the Republican nomination for the presidency. Others that may be joining them include former U.N. ambassador John Bolton, former Governor Jeb Bush of Florida, Dr. Ben Carson, New Jersey Governor Chris Christy, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana, Governor John Kasich of Ohio and Governor Mike Pence of Indiana.

On the Democrat side, former first lady and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is the only one actively campaigning although other names being touted include Vice President Joe Biden, former Governor Lincoln Chafee of Rhode Island, former Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley, former Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and former Virginia Senator Jim Webb.

Jim pointed to some interesting facts concerning the current front runners:

--Marco Rubio, a practicing Catholic, says he accepts the challenge to make values a core message. He supports the Religious Freedom Restoration Act concept but notes a distinction between not providing services to a person because of who they are and saying you're not going to participate in an event such as a same-sex wedding that violates someone's religious beliefs.

--Hillary Clinton compares her personal political ambitions to big events in the lives of everyday Americans. Interestingly, a large number of her Twitter followers (15%) are said to be fake while at least 7% of her Facebook fans allegedly list their home as Baghdad, Iraq.

She has obtained a major endorsement from the nation's largest lesbian political action committee. LPAC launched to support Clinton's effort to become the first female president. On the other hand, there is also a political action committee dedicated to stopping her from getting to the White House. It' called the Stop Hillary PAC.

--Ted Cruz has said that the Bill of Rights is not controlled by public opinion polls, that our rights do not come from government but from God himself and the Second Amendment exists for self-protection and as a fundamental check on government tyranny.

Cruz has been challenged regarding eligibility because his mother gave birth to him while she was in Canada.

--Rand Paul believes in leaving marriage up to the states while also allowing for a parallel situation where we allow for contracts that individuals of the same sex can enter into.

Paul is 100% pro-life on abortion.

Jim took calls from listeners who considered the following questions:

--Do any of the announced candidates excite you? Do any concern you?
--Is there a candidate or candidates that you are anxious about who has/have not
entered the race yet?
--What is the most important issue you'll be considering as you seek to choose a

Posted on April 15th, 2015

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Air Date: April 15, 2015

Host : Jim Schneider

Guest: Jim Kouri

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Jim Kouri writes the Law Enforcement Examiner. He is the 5th vice president and public information officer of the National Association of Chiefs of Police and has served on the National Drug Task Force. He has trained police and security officers around the country.

For the past 6 years, Kouri believes there's been an increase in the number of people who are joining militias and getting more involved politically in their community. He cited examples such as a militia that went to Oregon to stop the Bureau of Land Management from removing people from their property due to environmental concerns over fish. In another example he described the blocking of trucks attempting to bring illegal aliens into a California township when local law enforcement wouldn't do anything.

Kouri noted that the government has ordered billions of rounds of ammunition for agencies that he never realized had SWAT teams such as the EPA and the IRS. Could this be a response to what the government sees as push-back by American citizens?

This raises other questions. For example, why are IRS employees having access to shotguns? Was Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal right to accuse the President and some Democrats of waging war against religious liberty and to claim that a rebellion is brewing and that there could be a hostile takeover of the Capitol? Is there validity to the claim that the government is actually provoking a rebellion?

Kouri indicated that Americans are seeing their way of life and their religious and political beliefs under attack by a consortium of left-wing radicals, Islamists and their apologists and one-world government supporters. This has people believing that their freedoms are in danger.

Is government militarizing of various departments an attempt to protect society or is there something else going on? You decide when you review this vital edition of Crosstalk.

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Posted on April 14th, 2015

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Air Date: April 14, 2015

Host : Jim Schneider

Guest: Mike Gendron

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For over 30 years Mike Gendron was a devout Roman Catholic and was taught to rely upon the authority of the church. He followed the priests, the sacraments and was depending upon his own good works for salvation. However, in 1981 after attending an apologetics seminar called, 'Evidence for the Christian Faith' the Bible became his sole authority in all matters of faith. As he searched the Scriptures he was amazed to see how often the Bible contradicts the teaching and tradition of the church he had been a part of for so long. Mike placed his trust in Jesus Christ as Savior and the Bible became his sole authority in all matters of faith. He founded a ministry, Proclaiming the Gospel that points people to Jesus Christ as the all-sufficient Savior.

The document known as Evangelicals and Catholics Together (ECT) was signed by various prominent Catholics and Evangelicals just over 20 years ago. It was touted as the most significant development in Protestant and Catholic relations since the dawn of the Reformation.

ECT came about due to the persecution of Protestant missionaries in Latin America who were leading Roman Catholics out of bondage and deception along with the political power the Catholic church was using to suppress such evangelistic efforts.

In response, Chuck Colson and bishops in Latin America initiated a unity accord in order to stop the mass exodus of Catholics that were leaving to join various Protestant sects. To quote the accord: ' condemned the practice of recruiting people from another community for the purpose of denominational aggrandizement.' Unfortunately, this one condemnation put the largest mission field (Roman Catholics) off limits to reception of the Gospel.

The ECT document contains a Statement of Common Faith talking about the inspiration and infallibility of Scripture; it identifies Christ as the one sent by God to be Lord and Savior of all; it affirms the Apostles' Creed and it even affirms that we are justified by grace through faith because of Christ.

What difficulty could anyone have with that? Mike showed that the problem lies not so much with what's in the Statement of Common Faith but rather what's left out. It's one important word: 'Alone.' Catholics do believe they are saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ, however, they also add Mary and the Church. In other words, it's grace plus merit and Scripture plus tradition that saves them.

Subsequent accords have come out such as the Manhattan Declaration in 2009, a document that has signatures of over 600,000 Evangelicals. Fortunately some of the signers are having second thoughts and are asking to have their names removed. Christians need to watch out for such efforts because we live in times of great deception.

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To obtain a copy of Mike's book, 'Preparing for Eternity' for a donation of $17 or 3 copies for a donation of $39 go to or by calling 1-800-729-9829.

To obtain a DVD copy containing, 'Evangelicals and Catholics: Reversing the Reformation' and 'Which Gospel Will You Believe' along with the Gospel tract called 'Rome vs. The Bible' all for a donation of $12 go to Click on 'Store' and then 'Video Messages.' You can also order by calling 1-972-495-0485

Posted on April 13th, 2015

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Air Date: April 13, 2015

Host : Jim Schneider

Guest: John Guandolo

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As Islam makes great advances off our shores via it's well documented pattern of violence, here in the United States it's making inroads in more subversive ways beginning at the highest levels of our government. One example of this is today's Muslim Advocacy Day taking place in Washington, D.C.

Joining Jim Schneider to discuss this was John Guandolo. John is a former FBI agent and a counter-terrorism expert. He created and implemented the FBI's first counter-terrorism and education program. He is founder of, co-author of 'Shariah: the Threat to America' and author of 'Raising a Jihadi Generation.'

Jim began by noting that according to a press release from CAIR (Council on American/Islamic Relations), starting today there are more than 200 delegates from 22 states taking part in what they call the first National Muslim Advocacy Day on Capitol Hill sponsored by the U.S. Council of Muslim Organizations.

John described this council as being made up of about a dozen Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood organizations. Other groups involved are either supportive of Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood or part of their movement which involves eventually getting shariah law implemented in the United States and establishing a global Islamic state/caliphate. So basically we have terrorists in suits on Capitol Hill who are hostile to our constitution and rule of law.

Isn't this a religious issue? It might seem that way until you realize that the U.S. Council of Muslim Organizations has identified itself as a political organization as well as the fact that all of the organizations that make up this umbrella group have also identified themselves as entities that want shariah law under an Islamic state.

CAIR's news release indicated that they will be urging elected representatives to support issues that address the domestic priorities of the American Muslim community such as their desire to see laws at the local, state and federal levels to deal with profiling. John believes this is nothing more than an attempt to cease all real investigation into Muslims who are jihadis.

Another priority involves encouraging after school youth programs to prevent youth violence. Once again, on the surface this sounds like an admirable desire, however, John believes they will be the ones who will want to do the training as they train youth, not in the correct history of our nation, but instead in revisionist history such as telling our youth that Muslims were the first people in America.

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Posted on April 10th, 2015

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Air Date: April 10, 2015

Host : Jim Schneider

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Jim Schneider took the helm once again to host this news round-up Crosstalk that mentioned the following stories:

--White House sends out 'tweet' that appears to take a shot at Israel and Prime
Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
--Iran's top leader blasts the U.S. for its claim regarding the framework of the
nuclear deal that was recently struck.
--Framework of the Iranian nuclear deal has no direct reference to reigning in
Tehran's ballistic missile activities.
--President Obama admits his deal only delays Iran's nuclear ambitions so there
are no assurances for future presidents.
--Senator Dianne Feinstein supports President Obama's diplomacy efforts regarding
Iran, she trusts the Iranians and feels Israel's Netanyahu needs to contain
--Islamic Republic sends Navy destroyer to waters near Yemen.
--41 Americans stranded in Yemen filed a federal lawsuit against the State
Department and Defense Department for not evacuating them as fighting
intensifies and U.S. allies launch air strikes.
--ISIS militants demand up to 30 million in ransom money for the release of
hundreds of Christian hostages being held in Syria.
--Russian companies have won more than 212 million dollars in U.N. contracts to
ferry troops, supplies and equipment on peacekeeping missions.
--Top U.S. military commander warns that Moscow is messaging the U.S. that they
are a global power.
--Russian hackers breach a White House computer system after a successful cyber
attack on the State Department.
--Christians were singled out and slaughtered during recent Garissa University
attack by Islamic gunmen. President Obama can't seem to acknowledge that the
terrorists were Muslims and that the victims were Christians.
--President Obama takes a verbal swipe at Christians at the Easter breakfast.
--100,000 Muslim immigrants streaming into the U.S. each year.
--Dozens of American jihadi's who fought in Iraq and Syria return to the U.S.
after fighting either for or against ISIS.
--Hackers claiming allegiance to ISIS seize control of French TV network.
--Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia claims it's acceptable in Islam to kill one's wife
and eat parts of her body in times of extreme hunger.
--Some ISIS fighters dying by a flesh eating virus.
--Fort Hood victims receive their Purple Hearts but not benefits that are supposed
to accompany them.
--Christian teacher in Texas facing punishment for telling the truth about Islam.
--Warren Buffet contributes to the Tri-Faith Initiative in Omaha. The initiative
plans to build a mosque, church and synagogue on the same campus in Omaha as a
model for the world.
--Planned parenthood Gulf Coast organized a rally that took place in a
Presbyterian Church USA facility. The rally took place to support a new
abortion facility in the area.
--The White House opens its first gender neutral restroom.
--Maryland officials ease birth certificate requirements for transgender
--President Obama calls for a ban on conversion therapy treatments.
--A Federal District Judge in Pennsylvania dismissed a lawsuit filed by a
transgender student who wants to use men's rooms and locker rooms at the
University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown.
--Washington, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser names lesbian activist and public affairs
lobbyist Courtney Snowden to a post in her administration.
--The liberal media can't figure out a way to report on the Kansas ban on
dismemberment abortions without calling it what it is.
--Rand Paul tells a reporter to ask Debbie Wasserman Schultz if she's OK with
killing a 7 pound baby that's not born yet and to ask her when life begins.
--A woman who cut a 7 month old baby out of another woman's womb will not be
charged with murder in the death of the child because Colorado lacks an unborn
victims law. Now a teen driver who was speeding and crashed into a pregnant
mother will not be charged in the death of the unborn child but instead will be
charged with a misdemeanor.
--Oklahoma Senate passes bill that would penalize dismemberment abortions.
--19 year old college basketball player Lauren Hill who was fighting terminal
brain cancer died early this morning.
--Iowa House began its work session yesterday with a modern pagan blessing by a
Wiccan priestess.
--Washington Governor Jay Inslee posted the Chinese flag between the American and
state flags at the capitol building in Olympia in honor of the meeting with the
Chinese ambassador.
--Smart meters being used for mandatory water restriction in California.
--Californians to be arrested for taking long showers.
--California Department of Motor Vehicles inundated with applications for driver's
licenses from illegal aliens.
--California lawmakers advance a bill that would require school children to be
vaccinated and parents would no longer be able to send unvaccinated children to
school with waivers citing personal or religious reasons.
--Social Security Administration approves disability benefits for hundreds of
Puerto Ricans because they don't speak English.
--Students are forced to go without basic supplies in Philadelphia school district
yet at the same time it's giving away hundreds of thousands of dollars of free
office space each year to the local teachers union.

Posted on April 9th, 2015

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Air Date: April 9, 2015

Host : Jim Schneider

Guest: Twila Brase

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Twila Brase is the president and co-founder of Citizens' Council for Health Freedom which exists to protect health care choices and patient privacy. She is a certified public health nurse and provides daily commentary on her 'Health Freedom Minute' broadcast. Twila has been called one of the '100 Most Powerful People in Health Care.'

The Obama administration decided that a special enrollment period for Obamacare was needed for those who may find themselves surprised when they have their taxes prepared and discover that they owe a penalty to the federal government for being uninsured. The enrollment has been opened up until April 30th. However, there haven't been very many taking advantage of this which has led Twila to believe that a lot of people are choosing to pay the penalty rather than get themselves covered under Obamacare or some other way.

Listeners must keep in mind that Obamacare is a national health care program. You have to apply to the federal government for it which means you are enrolling in what Twila describes as Medicaid for the middle class on a sliding fee scale. Any private insurance company connection has that company acting as a contractor for the government's program. In addition, the coverage is poor, it's expensive, the deductibles are high, if you get subsidies you're relying on taxpayers to cover you and the networks are narrow so you have limited options regarding where you can go.

Several years ago a law was put into place establishing the amount of pay for physicians treating Medicare patients. The law automatically trimmed pay according to the amount that healthcare expenses rise. There have been stop-gap bills created for years to stop this trim from occurring. Now they want to repeal the formula that's in place and come up with a new way to pay doctors taking care of Medicare patients. The new method is really about putting the federal government in control of the doctors.

The new proposal is called The Medicare Access & CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 (HR-2—also known as the 'Doc-Fix' bill). It has already passed the House and is sitting in the Senate. HR-2 would do number of things including: (1)--Start a new merit-based pay system for doctors based upon 'quality.' This factor would be decided not by the doctors themselves but by the government. (2)--Resource use. How many staff, dollars and pieces of equipment is the doctor using to take care of you? Your doctor would have to report this to the federal government. (3)--Does your doctor use electronic health records and is this information being reported to the federal government?

Jim and Twila also discussed negative examples of the impact of Obamacare on individuals and businesses; why the House overwhelmingly passed HR-2 when many of them campaigned heartily against Obamacare during the election; Obamacare for released prisoners; the battle in Florida over Medicaid expansion; how Obamacare can be fought; the privacy concerns surrounding a national patient tracking system and much more.

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Senate switchboard-202-224-3121

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