Posted on May 14th, 2015

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Air Date: May 14, 2015

Host : Jim Schneider

Guest: Dr. Georgia Purdom

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Dr. Purdom graduated with a Ph.D. in molecular Genetics from Ohio State University. Her specialty is cellular and molecular biology. She has published papers in the Journal of Neuroscience and other professional journals. She is a member of the American Society for Microbiology and American Society for Cell Biology and also the Creation Research Society. She also serves as a peer reviewer for Answers Research Journal and Creation Science Quarterly. She is a dynamic speaker and researcher with Answers in Genesis and is the only female Ph.D. scientist engaged in full-time speaking and research for a biblical creationist organization in North America.

In spite of the obvious genealogies from Genesis chapters 5-11, there are still many, including notable people such as Pat Robertson and Bill Nye the Science Guy, who believe and are communicating to the public that the earth is millions or even billions of years old.

This program looks at evidences that run counter to the old earth assumptions. Some of these include:

--Very little sediment on the sea floor--An age in the range of billions of years would
have deposited much more sediment than we see.
--Bent rock layers--This bending can only occur when the layers are soft. They
couldn’t have possibly kept their soft consistency over billions of years.
--Soft tissue in fossils--Scientists are finding blood vessels, red blood cells and even
proteins, in dinosaur bones; elements that shouldn’t be available in bones alleged to be
about 65 million years old.
--Faint Sun Paradox--his deals with the rate of nuclear fusion as it pertains to the sun.
An old sun would be fainter and wouldn’t have heated the earth much and there’s
simply no evidence in the geologic record to suggest a very cold earth.
--Rapidly decaying magnetic field--We know the earth’s magnetic field was 40%
stronger in A.D. 1,000 so if you extrapolate back, the earth can’t be more than about
20,000 years old.
--Carbon 14--Carbon 14 is found mainly but not exclusively in living things. It has a
rapid radioactive decay rate and therefore can’t be used to accurately measure ages
beyond about 80,000 years. So if something has measurable Carbon 14, it must be
less than 80,000 years old.
--Short lived comets--If the universe is billions of years old, short lived comet activity
should not be occurring.
--Very little salt in the sea-- the earth was truly billions of years old, the sea would be
much saltier than it is today even accounting for different removal and deposition rates.
--Bacteria from a salt crystal dated to be 250 million years old was discovered to have
DNA that is nearly identical to DNA from living bacteria today. Scientists expected
today’s bacteria to have evolved to be much different proving once again that the earth
can’t possibly be millions of years old.

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To obtain a copy of the new 'The Answers Book Volume One' for a donation of $18 or all 3 volumes for a donation of $45 call Crosstalk at 1-800-729-9829.

Posted on May 13th, 2015

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Air Date: May 13, 2015

Host : Gordon Morris

Guest: Sam Rohrer

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This Crosstalk captured part of a presentation by Sam Rohrer, president of the American Pastors Network, as he spoke at a VCY America rally in March of this year. Headquartered in Pennsylvania, the American Pastors Network identifies, encourages, equips, educates and networks with pastors and church members to stand in the gap for truth.

Sam taught that there will be an individual judgment for every word said and every deed done. But there have been national judgments as well. In fact, most of God's warnings and promises given in Scripture are national in context. Since nations cannot be judged in the hereafter, God does it in the here and now. This is why we must be concerned about government.

Teaching about civil government and the relationship of the Christian to it is not a matter of politics but a matter of teaching a biblical worldview and the understanding of how God has put his plan into effect for the nations. God's plan for the ages is that he works through nations to point people to Christ by understanding his earthly authority which points to him as King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Israel was established as a model for the nations both then and now. God made a covenant with Israel so some promises apply to them and only them, not to us or any other nation. In our case, America's founders made a covenant with God that they would build this nation on biblical principles with the understanding that those principles applied generally to any nation. However, they also knew that the framework of government they were establishing would only work if the citizens and those involved in government were submissive to the 10 Commandments and walked in the fear of the Lord.

In essence, we started just as Israel did with the understanding that if we obey God, he would bless us. If we forsake him, he would walk away from us.

Starting in Ezekiel 20, Sam reminds listeners about the charges God levied against Israel as they walked away from Him. Those charges are murder and idolatry. The sentence involved making them a disgrace to the heathen nations.

When listening to this broadcast you can't help but see the parallels between the sins of Old Testament Israel and modern day America. We see this not only in the sins we are participating in but also the consequences that are pressing in upon us.

Have we gone too far and is the final curtain about to fall regardless of our response? Find out when you review this sobering edition of Crosstalk.

More Information

To obtain a copy of the entire presentation from the VCY America rally on CD or DVD call 1-800-729-9829 during regular office hours. Ask for the Sam Rohrer rally from March of 2015--'I Sought for a Man.' You can also order online by going to When the page comes up, click on 'Resources,' then the 'Crosstalk Store.'

Posted on May 12th, 2015

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Air Date: May 12, 2015

Host : Jim Schneider

Guest: Troy Newman

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Jim began by noting that is reporting that there are 300 doctors and 275 abortion clinics that conduct abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy and many after 24 weeks. Legislation has been introduced to stop this practice.

Joining Jim to discuss this landmark legislation was Troy Newman. Troy is the President of Operation Rescue, one of the leading pro-life Christian activist organizations in the nation. He has actively worked on behalf of the pre-born for over 20 years and continues as an innovator of ideas to close abortion clinics and garner criminal prosecutions for abortionists from coast to coast. He is the author of two books, 'Their Blood Cries Out!' and the newly released, 'Abortion Free.'

After this current Congress was sworn in, one of the early pieces of legislation to come forth from them was H.R. 36, The Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act. It says a baby has pain receptors and therefore can feel pain. This is a unique individual and that based upon this, after 20 weeks in the womb, the government has an interest in protecting that human being.

What are the common methods utilized by abortionists? Is there a difference between what ISIS does and the abortion industry? Is H.R. 36 and its included exceptions unbiblical even though if passed, it will save some pre-born infants? These and other questions and concerns are dealt with on this important Crosstalk broadcast.

More Information

Operation Rescue

The vote on H.R. 36 is anticipated to take place tomorrow in the House of Representatives. To present comments to your Congressmen, use the contact information listed below:

Capitol Switchboard

To get direct phone numbers to your Congressmen go to:

Posted on May 11th, 2015

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Air Date: May 11, 2015

Host : Jim Schneider

Guest: Marty Zide

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Marty Zide is the director of the Midwest Messianic Center. As a Jew he placed his trust in Jesus as his Messiah in December of 1971.

Marty grew up in a reformed Jewish home. He compared reformed Judaism to the Sadducees of Christ's day who were the liberal sect of Judaism. He went to temple two days a year with his parents not attending at all because of their work. They did, however, celebrate Passover and Hanukkah.

In April 1971 Marty received his orders to report for service in the Army Reserves and participated for 4 months in active duty in Kentucky. At the same time, his two close friends, one Gentile and one Jewish, went to California for the summer and ended up becoming followers of Christ.

The plan was that when they came back from California and he left the Reserves, the three of them were going to move to Columbia, Missouri, go to school and rent an apartment. That's exactly what happened. As Marty soon found out, living with two new Christian believers meant he'd become a target as he admitted to being pummeled with the gospel.

Marty's attention was drawn to the changes that were taking place in the lives of his two friends. When questioned, they would point to the fact that they were followers of Jesus so they just didn't do certain things anymore.

This lead Marty to begin reading the Bible beginning with Matthew. He discovered that the picture of Jesus he had in his mind was very different from the one described in the Bible. That brought about conviction and the eventual understanding of his need for Jesus as the Messiah in December of '71.

Review this Crosstalk and find out how you can benefit from Marty's experience. You'll hear about effective portions from Scripture that can be shared and other tips so you can communicate the marvelous love of Christ to Jewish people that God places in your life.

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Posted on May 8th, 2015

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Air Date: May 8, 2015

Host : Jim Schneider

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With Mother's Day coming up this Sunday, Jim took a break from the heavy issues to present this inspirational program.

After sharing personal testimonies concerning his mother and his wife, Jim read from a tribute to mom's called 'Mother's Love.' The remainder of the program consisted of calls from Crosstalk listeners who offered many words of gratitude for these special people in their lives.

Posted on May 7th, 2015

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Air Date: May 7, 2015

Host : Jim Schneider

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Jim Schneider raised awareness of what's taking place in our nation and the world through presentation of the following news stories:

--Today is the National Day of Prayer. Jim reviewed the history of this day that
goes all the way back to 1775.
--Documents obtained by Judicial Watch have been obtained from the Department of
Homeland Security that describe a Southwest border incident in which helicopters
allegedly belonging to the government of Mexico, flew across the border into the
U.S. and opened fire on our border patrol agents
--ISIS is said to be operating in a Mexican border town just 8 miles from El Paso,
--A website message claims that 'Draw Mohammed' art show co-organizer Pamela
Geller will be killed by Islamic State ISIS sympathizers.
--A Dutch lawmaker warns that Americans can expect more terror attacks on U.S.
soil because, '...radical Islamists want to kill or subjugate us all.'
--A 9th Circuit Court of Appeals judge who had dismissed terror charges against one
Garland, Texas, shooter in 2011 allegedly has connections to the National
Counsel of La Raza.
--A Texas terror connection allegedly points to Minnesota legislator Keith
Ellison's district.
--An American jihadist says Sunday's terror attack in Texas was the work of ISIS
and that they had scores of trained soldiers positioned in 15 states awaiting
orders to carry out more operations.
--Some on Capitol Hill are calling for more government surveillance of Muslims.
--Representative Trey Gowdy has received a response to his letter demanding
answers from Secretary of State John Kerry about the planned resettlement of
refugees in his state.
--According to Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson, the deadly Texas art event shooting
is proof positive that the U.S. must send ground troops to the Middle East and
crush the terror group that's responsible.
--A Canadian judge could free a teen terrorist who killed a U.S. Army medic.
--After the terror attack in Texas, an NBC reporter used his MSNBC position to
demand a cultural change so that America will not allow people to engage in what
he called hate speech against Islam.
--The Obama administration is said to be scrambling to find ways to reassure Arab
allies that the president is not abandoning them.
--John Kerry vows to maintain Iranian nuclear inspections forever and that the
emerging nuclear deal will protect Israel in the long run.
--Kerry tells Israeli's that he could absolutely guarantee that under a proposed
nuke deal with Iran, America will be able to monitor its activities so that we
can stop them if they decided to move to a bomb.
--Jimmy Carter calls Hamas leader a strong proponent of the peace process yet to
meet with Benjamin Netanyahu would be a waste of time.
--New concerns are being raised that the nation's electrical grid and critical
infrastructure are increasingly vulnerable to a foreign attack.
--Madison, Wisconsin, bans all forms of discrimination against atheists.
--Missouri satanic temple raising funds for woman to have an abortion.
--A federal judge rules that North Carolina county commissioners must stop
opening their meetings with a Christian prayer.
--Liberty Counsel sends letter to a Florida college regarding a student who was
given “zero” grades because they didn't conform to the beliefs of Marxism,
atheism, feminism and homosexuality.
--A bill working through the Alabama legislature would allow probate judges and
ministers to refuse to marry same-sex couples on religious grounds.
--A man who transgendered to a woman files a lawsuit against the Department of
Defense for employment discrimination based upon sex.
--At least 4 Clinton Foundation board of directors members have either been
charged or convicted of financial crimes including bribery and fraud.
--Over 500 organizations are calling on Congress to repeal a Medicare cost cutting
board that is part of Obamacare.
--A federal appeals court revives a challenge to a controversial National Security
Agency program that collected the records of the phone calls of millions of
Americans saying that the program is not authorized by Congress.
--At least 4 Florida companies are approved to begin ferry service between Florida
and Cuba.
--Former U.N. Secretary says people should eat bugs as a solution to global
--California regulators approving sweeping water cutbacks to combat drought.
--Iowa congressman Steve King sponsoring the Restrain the Judges on Marriage Act
of 2015.
--South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham expected to announce that if the Supreme
Court rules that a ban on same sex marriage is unconstitutional, then it will be
time for Republicans to move on.
--Smith College changing it's policy to accept transgender women.
--New gender neutral salutation to be added to official documents in the U.K.
--Brandon Wallace, who identifies as a gay Christian, makes controversial remarks
concerning the Baltimore riots.
--A family policy group in South Dakota believes an international organization is
influencing their state athletic organizations to adopt transgender policies.
--The trade promotion authority known as 'Fast Track' is looking as though it will
move forward in Congress and the Senate but it's said it will cede sovereign
authority to international powers, increase our trade deficit, consolidate power
in the Executive Branch and increase immigration.
--Emergency room visits said to be increasing under Obamacare.

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