Posted on November 11th, 2015

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​Air date: November 11, 2015

Host:  Jim Schneider

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Jim began this edition of Crosstalk by giving listeners an overview of the history of Veterans Day.  This included what precipitated the name change from Armistice Day as well as the change that took place due to the signing of the Uniform Holiday Bill in 1968.  That bill was designed to give three day weekends for federal employees for the celebration of four national holidays which included Veterans Day.  On September 20th of 1975, a public law was signed by President Ford that would return the annual observance of Veterans Day to its original day of November 11th beginning in 1978.

The majority of this Crosstalk is comprised of comments from listeners as they honor and thank both those who have served and are still with us as well as those who are currently serving. 

Posted on November 10th, 2015

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​Air date: November 10, 2015

Host:  Jim Schneider

Guest:  Robert Romano​

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Robert Romano is Senior Editor of Americans for Limited government, an organization that's committed to identify, expose and work with Congress and state legislatures to prevent the continued expansion of government.

Trade promotion authority (Fast Track) is an authority granted by Congress to the President to negotiate trade deals such as the Trans Pacific Partnership. The TPP is one of those deals between 12 nations, including the U.S., Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Canada and several others that will encompass 40% of the global economy. The trade authority gives President Obama the power to negotiate the trade deal which is then submitted to Congress.

President Obama has announced his intention to sign the agreement. According to Robert, this means that at least 90 days before he signs it, he has to announce to Congress that he will sign it. Assuming that he signs it on day 90, then 60 days after that is when Congress would vote on it. Within those 60 days President Obama would have to submit a list of changes to U.S. law that must occur for the agreement to be implemented. So far, that list of changes has yet to appear. This means that of the 5,554 pages that make up the agreement, there are many provisions that contradict U.S. laws and regulations. Congress has to approve those changes in order for the agreement to become effective.

Why was Congress so interested in giving this fast track authority? Robert explained by going back to the Trade Act of 1974 when they started doing similar trade agreements on an expedited basis with simple majorities of Congress to ratify agreements rather than going through the treaty process. Originally the House had no role in adopting treaties because treaties went to the Senate where they were ratified by a two-thirds majority and Robert believes Congress has forgotten this original function of the Senate. He noted that Congress apparently felt they couldn't get the two-thirds majority on trade agreements anymore so they tried to figure out a new process where they could be passed by a simple majority.

Will this treaty have an impact on American jobs? How about on our economy? Is currency manipulation a part of this? Have any Republican candidates weighed in on the treaty? What's the Trans Pacific Partnership Commission all about? These and other questions are dealt with on this edition of Crosstalk.

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To voice your views regarding the Trans Pacific Partnership, call your elected representatives at the following numbers:

202-225-3121 (House Switchboard)
202-224-3121 (Senate Switchboard)

Posted on November 9th, 2015

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Air date: November 9, 2015

Host:  Jim Schneider

Guest:  E. Calvin Beisner

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November 30th through December 11th are the scheduled dates for the U.N. Conference on Climate Change in France.  In light of this President Obama, wanting to leave a legacy concerning his fight against so-called global warming, recently announced that he will not allow the building of the Keystone XL pipeline.  In addition, our military is targeting resources to fight global warming and climate change while the EPA is releasing onerous rules against the states as they seek to further their environmental agenda of the President.  In the end, it is the poor who will be affected the most by all of this.  

Joining Jim to discuss this was Dr. E. Calvin Beisner.  Dr. Beisner is the founder and national spokesman for the Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation.  He is an interdisciplinary scholar specializing on the application of the Christian worldview, theology and ethics to economics, government, environmental stewardship and public policy.  Dr. Beisner has served as both a college and seminary professor and has written 12 books and made contributions to over 30 others.  He has testified as an expert witness on the ethics and economics of climate policy before congressional committees.  He also lectures around the world.

Dr. Beisner began by noting that while not unexpected, it's sad that President Obama has shot down the Keystone XL pipeline extension because the administration has been committed to a policy of fighting global warming.  It does so despite the fact that the best scientific evidence indicates that the human contribution to global warming is extraordinarily small and not something that presents any significant risk.

Also, when you consider that the pipeline would deliver 800,000 barrels of crude oil per day to specialized refineries along the Gulf Coast, pipeline travel of oil is not only less expensive than travel by rail, it's also less risky.

Keep in mind there's been no global warming of any statistically significant amount for the last 18 years, 8 months.  The total amount we've had since 1850 is approximately eight-tenths of a degree Celsius.  That isn't even enough for us to be able to measure it accurately on a global scale.  

The larger problem is poverty.  Unfortunately the policies designed to reduce so-called human induced global warming are actually policies that will increase poverty.  They do this because they deny people access to abundant, affordable and reliable energy sources.  This refers primarily to fossil fuels that comprise about 86% of all energy that's consumed worldwide.

As the program progressed, Jim and Dr. Beisner discussed a possible environmental reparations fund for developing nations, the possible use of R.I.C.O. statues against those who deny man-made climate change, NASA's 'nuclear bomb' on the climate alarmism of the U.N. and more.     

More Information     

To sign the Cornwall Alliance's petition called, 'Forget Climate Change--Energy Empowers the Poor' go to:

To order the just released documentary, 'Where the Grass is Greener—Biblical Stewardship vs. Climate Alarmism' go to:

Posted on November 6th, 2015

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Air date: November 6, 2015

Host:  Jim Schneider

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Current news stories on various topics are discussed.

Here are just some of the stories included:

Barack Obama has officially rejected the Keystone XL pipeline, thus paving the way for announcing action on the environment on the coming world Climate Summit meeting.

At that Climate Summit, a treaty is proposed which would set up an "International Tribunal of Climate Justice", which would then be given the power to put the United States on trial for violating "climate justice".

The Trans-Pacific Partnership, which Barack Obama has promised to sign (without authorization from Congress who abrogated their responsibility to approve treaties), will now remove Congress from any input on decisions made by a secret, unaccountable commission which will have sweeping regulatory powers over 40% of the world's economy.

France is lifting the ban on homosexual blood donations, put into place because of the higher risk of the HIV virus, because it is now considered to discriminate against homosexuals.

Male-on-male sexual assaults are increasing in the U.S. military. and the American Psychological Association says such assaults actually are under-reported.

In Britain, ISIS inmates are forcing non-Muslim prisoners to pay a tax known as Jizya, or "protection tax", to keep from being attacked.

The Muslim Brotherhood will have a float in the Tulsa, Oklahoma Veterans Day parade.

Meanwhile, Congress is moving to label the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist group.

A new study shows fewer Americans are certain of God's existence.

In Massachusetts, a United Church of Christ has hosted a "Drag Gospel Festival" in support of their homosexual and transgender members.

In South Dakota, the state High School Activities Association is moving to allow students to participate in sports reflecting their gender identities, not their biology.

The White House is announcing a ban on the use of the term "juvenile delinquent" in government communications, because it is offensive and unfair.

A pro-amnesty group has created a "Bill of Rights for Undocumented Americans" which includes ten demands that presume illegal aliens have the same rights as U.S. citizens. 

Gun sales in America have set new records each of the last six months.

Plus many other stories.

Posted on November 5th, 2015

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Air date: November 5, 2015

Host:  Jim Schneider

Guest:  I. Q. al Rassooli

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I. Q. al Rassooli is an Iraqi exile and an author, who is fluent in Arabic, the language of the basic documents of Islam.   I.Q. left Iraq as a young man to study abroad at a university.  He took advantage of this opportunity to compare the Bible to the Qur’an. 

What he discovered shocked him.  He set out on a 30-year examination of the Qur’an, Hadith, Arab and Islamic Histories, the Arab-Israeli conflict, and the Bible.  Mr. al-Rassooli is now committed to saving western civilization by exposing the facts and reality of Islam to a Qur’an-ignorant world.  He is the author of Lifting the Veil:  The True Faces of Muhammad and Islam, Volumes 1, 2, and 3.

Jim listed a number of recent headlines that highlight the turmoil that has come with the inundation of millions of Muslim "refugees" who quickly begin making demands. A German politician says warns that they cannot guarantee public safety anymore.  German Chancellor Angela Merkel warns of fresh conflicts in Eastern Europe if countries fail to manage the refugee crisis.  Despite the EU policy of open borders in Europe, many countries are frantically building razor-wire border fences to stem the tide of invaders.

Mr. al-Rassooli says that what is taking place should be no surprise to anyone who understands what Islam is, and what its non-negotiable goals.  He states that anyone willing to read just the first 9 chapters of the Qur’an will find ample evidence of the true nature of Islam.

Not only does he indict Islamic ideology, but Mr. al-Rassooli also presents a scathing critique of Western Leftists, including most of the media, academia, politicians and clergy, who consistently refuse to open their eyes to the serious security threat posed by militant Islam, even as it unfolds before their eyes.

For example, in France, large numbers of Muslims are now routinely blocking streets in Paris on the pretense of needing the space--completely illegally--to hold their impromptu "prayers meetings" whenever they like.  No other group would get away with such behavior, but when it comes to Muslims even the police are afraid to intervene, despite the fact they are breaking the law, and instead protect them by preventing opposition.

There are reports of killings, rapes and gang rapes, crimes, and other atrocities being conducted in various countries by many of the so-called migrants, with little media attention.  Pamela Geller reports a Muslim in Germany who stated "Islam is coming to take over Germany whether you want it or not..." 

Yet government leaders in Europe and in the United States refuse to acknowledge the threat of Islam, and they not only speak only positively about it, but also actively promote it's agenda.

Concerning the future of Europe should things continue as they are, Mr. al Rassooli said that if Europeans are not awakened and outraged to the threat to their civilization, their culture, their way of life, and their Christian foundations, by March 2016 it will be too late--Europe will be lost to Islam forever.  Even for the United States, he stated unequivocally that continuing on the present path will mean the end of Western civilization. since civilization cannot exist under a Muslim Caliphate with its Sharia.

There are some signs of a turn to the right as Europeans want to confront the crisis and turn the situation around.  In Germany it has been called a "neo-Nazi revival".

Jim concluded with a challenge for Christians to be lights in the darkness, sharing the Gospel with those who do not know Christ--and that includes Muslims, and to pray that they will come to faith.

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Posted on November 4th, 2015


Air date: November 4, 2015

Host:  Jim Schneider

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Jim Schneider reported on several recent votes across the country recently.

A number of votes took place Tuesday, November 3.  In Houston, Texas on the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO). The purpose of the ordinance is to protect transgenders from discrimination, but it is feared that it would make it easier for sexual predators to commit crimes. The ordinance was rejected by voters by a large margin.

In Ohio, a bill to legalize recreational use of marijuana was defeated.

In Kentucky there was a surprise victory by Matt Bevin, again by a large margin.  That result could change the character of the confrontation between a federal judge and Rowan county clerk, Kim Davis who has refused to issue same-sex marriage licenses. The outgoing governor ignored Kim's request for a religious accommodation. The governor-elect, Matt Bevin, has supported Kim in her predicament, and could reverse the situation once he takes office.  

In San Francisco, the sheriff, Ross Mirkarimi who has been influential in the city's stand as a "sanctuary city", releasing illegal aliens including convicted felons, was defeated.  

Other results showed Virginia defeating a gun control effort, conservatives gaining in many other areas, with several exceptions. 

Looking ahead, Jim gave an overview of the current status of candidates in the Presidential contest, and also poll results projecting which Republicans could defeat Hillary Clinton should she be the Democrat nominee, and which ones would likely lose to her.

Listeners were then invited to give their comments on the latest election results, and on the various candidates for President, and to explain which issues are most important to them.

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