Posted on November 25th, 2014

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Air Date: November 25, 2014

Host: Vic Eliason

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Last evening a grand jury came to the conclusion that Ferguson, Missouri, police officer Darren Wilson, who shot and killed teenager Michael Brown, will not face criminal charges.

Vic noted that during the initial unrest, 75% of the the arrests indicated that a majority of the people who came to protest were from outside the Ferguson area. Last evening, however, the majority of the arrests were people from the Ferguson area.

Vic then went on to show how the media has irritated the situation by including key words in their headlines. He specifically read one headline that had inflammatory words related to race and a lack of firearms possession.

Other elements to this story that were mentioned include the response to the decision from Brown's parents, comments from President Obama and action taken by Missouri Governor Jay Nixon.

Other news items presented included:

--White House quietly releases plans for a massive regulatory agenda ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday.

--EPA regulations predicted to increase the average energy bill by $680 per year.

--Atlanta fire chief suspended over a book he wrote describing homosexuality as a perversion.

--On Sunday the United Arab Emirates officially released its news list containing the names of what it considers dangerous Muslim terrorist groups. The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is on this list.

--CAIR is targeting one of the nations largest taxpayer funded institutions of higher learning-the University of Central Florida. A tenured communications professor is being targeted by CAIR for allegedly teaching anti-Muslim bigotry.

--Jihad bomber murders 45 people at volleyball game.

--Islam sneaks into Tennessee textbooks.

--Muslims want mosque in Georgia retail shopping mall; residents show opposition.

--Animal rights activists hold funerals for frozen chickens.

--Lois Lerner e-mails that were alleged to have been destroyed have been found.

Posted on November 24th, 2014

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Air Date: November 24, 2014

Host: Vic Eliason

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Beginning with some biblical instruction concerning Elijah and the prophets of Baal, Vic came to a point that is critical to understanding the main thrust of this Crosstalk. Vic qoted from 1 Kings 18 where it says, "And Elijah came unto all the people, and said, How long halt ye between two opinions? If the Lord be God, follow him: but if Baal, then follow him. And the people answered him not a word."

Vic then asked if things aren't that way now as people are being challenged to make that decision and they remain in the valley of decision.

This would seem to be the case, even at the highest levels of our government, as beginning with words of adulation from Representative Rush Holt of New Jersey (and an introduction by Speaker of the House John Boehner), Imam Hamad Ahmad Chebli of the Islamic Society of Central Jersey took to the House floor. He delivered a prayer declaring Allah as the most gracious, the most merciful, the sustainer of the world, the master of the day of judgment.

Vic played the audio cut of the Imam and then took calls from Crosstalk listeners to gauge their response to this prayer of blasphemy against Almighty God.

Posted on November 21st, 2014

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Air Date: November 21, 2014

Host: Jim Schneider

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From the latest on immigration to the happenings in Ferguson, Missouri, and more, Jim Schneider hosted this news round-up and comment program that featured many stories of interest to Crosstalk listeners. Stories included:

--During a press conference at the White House earlier this week, an ABC reporter asked if President Obama still stands by his quote that he's not the emperor of the United States.

--Last evening, President Obama declared that he will unilaterally halt deportations of millions of illegal aliens despite strong objections from numerous members of Congress and widespread opposition from the American public. Jim quoted scathing criticism from Senator elect James Lankford of Oklahoma, Louie Gohmert of Texas, Representative Trey Gowdy, Senator Rand Paul, Jim Jordan of Ohio and Lamar Smith, former chairman of the House Judiciary Committee.

--President Obama heading to Las Vegas for a rally in support of his immigration overhaul where he will be signing his executive order.

--President Obama's unilateral amnesty will gut the long standing 'Secure Communities' program. This program allows state officials to transfer illegal immigrants to federal agencies.

--Sheriff Joe Arpaio is suing President Obama over the President's immigration executive order.

--Sheriffs across the nation planning to march on Washington, D.C. in December.

--Mexico has reported its first domestic case of the mosquito-borne disease known as chikungunya.

--Violence spikes at school for illegal alien students.

--The chief architect of Obamacare, Jonathan Gruber, raked in 5.9 million in taxpayer dollars through federal and state contracts between 2008 and 2014 by agencies such as The Departmet of Health and Human Services, the National Institutes of Health, the Department of Justice, the Department of State and state contracts from Michigan, Minnesota, Vermont and Wisconsin.

--President Obama layed out his plan for the freedom of the Internet, reclassifying broadband Internet as a utility.

--Another high profile gay activist arrested for alleged sex abuse/sodomy with a teenage boy.

--Newly elected Republican congressman faces criticism after hiring a same-sex marriage supporter as his first chief of staff.

--Proctor and Gamble publicly supports same-sex marriage.

--Kansas City emergency shelter will not house same-sex couples together.

--Missouri governor declares state of emergency for 30 days.

--While Ferguson, Missouri, and the nation wait for the grand jury's announcement pertaining to the investigation of officer Darren Wilson and his incident with teenager Michael Brown, a non-partison group that investigates government corruption announced yesterday the release of Justice Department records regarding alleged interference into the Ferguson investigation by President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder.

--Attorney General Eric Holder visits the home of Michael Brown's family stoking resentment by telling them about his experience with police officers that left him angry and upset.

--Many outsiders have gathered around St. Louis to plan their reponse to the grand jury outcome in the Ferguson case.

--It's been revealed that on November 5th, high-profile protestors met secretly with President Obama and Al Sharpton.

--A 'Militant Resistance' group has offered $5,000 for details of Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson's whereabouts.

--Protestors have been holding training sessions, training activists in preparation for the day that the grand jury makes their decision in the Ferguson case.

--Muslims attempting to bring Islamic component to the Ferguson protests.

--Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi blames the Jews for plundering Muslim economies and installing corrupt dictators to run Islamic lands.

--U.S. Muslim party being formed for the next presidential race.

--Partners of the national 'popular vote' effort that seeks to bypass the electoral college have announced a possible December surprise that could change the nation's electoral system by 2016.

--Obama administration releases five Guantanamo prisoners.

--Head of the NSA says China can 'shut down' parts of our nation's electric power grid via cyber attack.

--Hackers from China breach the federal weather network.

--Athens County, Ohio, courthouse has been displaying a church directory. It's being recommended that it be removed.

--NFL and event organizers are set to announce for the first time that the league will expand its outreach on contracting opportunities for the 50th anniversary Super Bowl to businesses owned by lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.

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Athens County, Ohio, commissioners:

Posted on November 20th, 2014

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Air Date: November 20, 2014

Host: Vic Eliason

Guest: David Rubin

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Vic began by describing a recent meat-cleaver attack on worshippers in a synagogue by Palestinian terrorists. Why did CNN call it a deadly attack on a Jerusalem mosque? Why did another source allege that 4 Israeli's and 2 Palestinians were dead in Jerusalem without saying who the Palestinians were when in fact, they were the attackers?

Joining Vic to discuss this was David Rubin. David is a former mayor of Shiloh, Israel, in the region of Samaria, known to most as the West Bank. He is the founder and president of Shiloh Israel Children’s Fund dedicated to healing the trauma of children who have been victims of terrorists attacks as well as rebuilding the biblical heartland of Israel. He is author of Peace for Peace: Israel in the New Middle East and The Islamic Tsunami: Israel and America in the Age of Obama.

According to David, during a recent morning prayer service at a synagogue in a quiet, residential neighborhood on the northwestern side of Jerusalem, 2 terrorists, one who worked at a neighborhood grocery store, went into the synagogue with a gun, meat cleavers and axes. They began randomly flailing away at the worshippers leaving them in pools of blood. In the end, 4 worshippers died. 3 out of the 4 were ordained rabbis. A police officer was also killed and about 13 people were wounded.

David noted that this was not one isolated incident carried out by two spontaneous individuals. This is part of a pattern. There has been a series of terrorist attacks in the past month in Jerusalem. In each case the victims were Jewish, Israeli and there were no cases of Arabs being attacked and/or killed.

This incident points to what David believes is the incitement of terrorism by Mahmoud Abbas, his financing of terrorism and the monthly payment of terrorists by his Palestinain Authority. In fact, David alleged that terrorists are being payed by Abbas and the Palestinian Authority regardless of whether they are from his own terrorist organization called Fatah or whether they're from Hamas, Islamic Jihad and probably ISIS as well.

David would like to see Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli Prime Minister, address not only the incitement but also the encouragement and financing of terrorism. This would include sending the Army into Ramallah which is the headquarters for the Palestinian Authority, destroy their headquarters, collect the documents that prove their complicity with terrorism and then start a public relations campaign. The P.R.campaign would involve reporting what they find to the world, explaining that because the Palestinian Authority has been financing terrorism, the Oslo Peace Accords and the Palestinian Authority are both null and void.

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Posted on November 19th, 2014

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Air Date: November 19, 2014

Host: Jim Schneider

Guest: Twila Brase

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The nation is reeling from statements made by Jonathan Gruber, the chief architect of Obamacare, revealing that lies and deception, lack of transparency, and stupidity of the American people were critical to the passage of the health care law. All of this comes forward as enrollment in Obamacare has begun.

Joining Jim to talk about this was Twila Brase, president of the Citizens Council for Health Freedom. Twila is a certified public health nurse. She has provided testimony at the state legislative level and meets with members of Congress as well as speaking around the country. She provides daily commentary on the “Health Freedom Minute”

Jim began by playing an audio cut from Gruber, an MIT economist who since 2000 has received 6 million in state and federal governments for his expertise. Twila noted that Gruber was really saying that the American public is smart so the crafters of Obamacare had to deceive us because if we had really heard what was in it, we're smart enough to know that the bill would have to be killed.

In another cut President Obama was asked how he 'squares' his comment about governments needing to be held accountable and responsive to the people with that of his former advisor, Jonathan Gruber, who claimed that President Obama was not transparent about the health care law because in his words, the American people are stupid. So did he mislead Americans in order to get the bill passed? In response the President referred to Gruber as some advisor who never worked on his staff and expressed an opinion that he disagrees with.

This is interesting when you consider that Gruber is alleged to have had many visits to the White House, even meeting with President Obama to discuss the 'Cadillac Tax, a 40% tax on 'Cadillac' style insurance policies. In fact, Jim noted there's another recent clip that came out where Gruber disclosed that President Obama himself was part of the discussion about the need to deceive the people to pass the Affordable Care Act.

Twila also commented on open enrollment sign-ups, substantial price increases within Obamacare, Todd Park's appearance before a House hearing on the botched Obamacare website launch, the House deciding to keep their exemption concerning their own enrollment in Obamacare, her 7 smart reasons why Americans shouldn't enroll in Obamacare and more.

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Citizens Council for Health Freedom

Posted on November 18th, 2014

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Air Date: November 18, 2014

Host: Jim Schneider

Guest: Dr. Kathy McReynolds

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Dr. Kathy McReynolds is Director of Academic Studies for the Joni & Friends Christian Institute on Disability. Dr. McReynolds develops position papers on the many ethical issues in bioethics for the benefit of the disabled. She also contributes to curriculum development for the variety of courses in disability studies that the Institute is creating for colleges, universities and seminaries around the country. She has spent several years as an active member of the ethics committee a Children's Hospital in Orange County and was a member of the Institutional Review Board Committee at the hospital.

How did we get to where we are today concerning the issue of euthanasia? Dr. McReynolds began by noting the definition of 'dignity' which is the state or quality of being worthy of honor and respect. In light of that definition, how is it possible that we can even link the subjects of death and dignity? She believes there is nothing dignifying at all about death. So the problem actually takes place when we link autonomy and dignity together and determine that if we are able to choose death on our own terms, somehow death now becomes dignified.

Dr. McReynolds credits the 80's and 90's with the language promoting death with dignity. It was primarily a reaction to the rapid medical and technological advances that enable doctors to keep people alive in almost unending fashion. From this came the idea that we're now able to remain alive beyond natural boundaries. This culminated in the 1997 Oregon decision when they became the first state to legalize assisted suicide (death with dignity).

The acceptance of the right to die has progressed faster in Europe than it has here in the U.S. Assisted suicide in which doctors prescribe lethal drugs but do not administer them is legal in Switzerland, Germany and Albania as well as in Colombia, Japan and the Canadian province of Quebec.

Jim and Dr. McReynolds look at a precedent setting euthanasia case involving a child in the U.K., the U.K.'s move toward suicide courts, the Brittany Maynard story, a 'mercy' killing by a California man, what role should the church play in this culture of death, as well as input from Crosstalk listeners.

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