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News Roundup and Comment

​Date:        May 26, 2017
Host:        Jim Schneider
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​​Once again, Jim took listeners around the world as he presented the following headlines:
--At G7, Trump diverts agenda away from climate and toward Islamist Terrorism.
--Polish PM on Manchester attack: 'Europe, Rise from your knees or you’ll be crying over your children every day'.
--Britain resumes sharing bombing intel with U.S. after leaks.
--Manchester attack: Ex-CIA officer says publication of leaked pics 'goes too far'.
--Manchester attack: Hunt for possible 2nd bomb under way.
--Manchester bombing changing stakes in UK election.
--Labour Manchester Mayor says suicide bomber 'Not a Muslim'.
--Islamic State supporters vow to conquer Rome following Manchester massacre.
--Islam's holiest month, Ramadan: A time when jihadis encourage martyrdom
--Warning: Ramadan starts tomorrow.
--Egypt bus attack: Coptic Christians targeted, at least 28 killed.
--Swdish diplomats move national holiday to avoid clash with Ramadan.
--U.S. spending $200K to 'reduce terrorism' by 'promoting positive narratives' of Muslim migrants in Europe.
--Florida murder suspect tells police his roommates 'disrespected' Islam.
--Obama praises globalism in Berlin: 'We can't hide behind a wall'.
--Trump travel ban blocked by VA based federal appeals court.
--Hawaii Lawyer: Trump executive order violates 1st Amendment because honor killings are Islamic.
--New York library presents 'Drag Queen story hour' to kids.
--Federal judge refuses to grant relief from son's illegal emancipation.
--New research shows adult-like nerves in very young embryos affirming the likelihood of fetal pain.
--Facebook will allow live streaming of killing a baby by abortion.
These stories and many more were discussed on today's, Crosstalk.
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