News Round-Up

Air Date: January 30, 2015

Host: Vic Eliason

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This news round-up program had Vic Eliason bringing the following stories to the attention of Crosstalk listeners:

--Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore has issued a strongly worded letter to the governor urging him to fight back against last week's federal court ruling overturning the state's marriage protection laws that defines marriage as a union between one man and one women.

--Alabama's only openly gay lawmaker says that if her colleagues don't stop describing same-sex marriage as immoral, she will publicly “out” her heterosexual colleagues because she claims some of them are having extramarital affairs.

--Author Pamela Geller wonders why the media is not calling out President Obama for the treachery of exchanging senior Taliban leadership in exchange for deserter Bowe Bergdahl.

--White House pressuring the Army to let Bowe Bergdahl go free.

--Recordings of top Pentagon officials in 2011 strongly criticize Hillary Clinton for leading a State Department march to war against dictator Muammar Gaddafi of Libya and for working with the Muslim Brotherhood. They confirm the conclusions of the Citizens Commission on Benghazi.

--Mitt Romney gives official announcement that he will not run for president.

--Secretary of State John Kerry has planned a trip to Moscow to discuss the ongoing Ukraine crisis.

--War survival manuals dispersed to Lithuanian schools.

--Russian deputy prime minister boasts that the U.S. can't stop a Russian nuclear attack.

--Justice Department spies on millions of American cars via a license plate tracking program.

--Google's newly acquired 'waze' application poses a danger to police because it offers the ability to track their locations.

--Government caught trying to monitor those attending gun shows to look out for potential illegal gun sales.

--District of Columbia issues its first concealed handgun carry permits.

--The Delaware County, New York, Sheriffs office doesn't believe that there is any credible threat coming from a 70 acre Islamic commune within their jurisdiction that serves as the national headquarters for a Muslim organization previously accused of engaging in paramilitary training.

--School has 'Hijab Day' in cooperation with Hamas and the Council on American/Islamic Relations (CAIR)

--Terrorist attack on Pakistani national power grid plunged more than 140 million people into darkness.

--Muslim Albanians in Kosovo are allegedly kidnapping Christians, harvesting their internal organs and selling them to Islamic nations.

--Belgium public schools become 'Jew free' zones.

--Arkansas woman bans Muslims from her gun range.

--The FDA could set millions of genetically modified mosquitoes loose in the Florida Keys area.

--The EPA's ban on wood burning stoves is just days away from taking effect.

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