News Round-Up and Comment

Air Date: July 02, 2015

Host : Jim Schneider

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Jim Schneider manned the control room to bring Crosstalk listeners up to date on many news items. They included:

--A polygamous trio has applied for a marriage license in Montana based upon the
recent homosexual marriage decision by the Supreme Court.
--Homosexual activists show Marines on Iwo Jima raising the gay pride flag.
--Citing religious and moral objections, a county clerk in Arkansas announces that
she is resigning from her office.
--Several county clerks in Kentucky announced that they would not issue marriage
licenses to gay couples.
--Girl Scouts of Western Washington said it refunded a $100,000 donation because
it came with the provision that the funds could not be used to support
transgender girls.
--After 6 months of study the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency
(ICE) have issued new guidelines regarding how to care for transgender illegal
aliens who end up in detention facilities awaiting possible deportation.
--A star recruit for Harvard University's women's swimming team is joining the
men's team competing as one of the first openly transgender swimmers in the
--2 street preachers beaten at a gay pride festival in Seattle.
--The Defense Department is warning Americans to be on high alert during this 4th
of July holiday.
--In the first 15 days of the Islamic celebration of Ramadan there have been 149
terror attacks, 27 suicide bombings, 1,402 dead bodies and 1,896 wounded.
--A gang leader turned radical Muslim Imam, who was considered so dangerous he was
kept in shackles and assigned his own guard while held in a Florida prison for 4
years, has been freed by a federal judge.
--ISIS members have spared neither women or children since they established their
caliphate a year ago. They've put an estimated 74 kids and even more women to
death for things such as practicing magic and refusing to fast during Ramadan.
--ISIS threatens to uproot Israel and topple Hamas.
--The U.S. Navy is weighing whether to have Marines 'hitch a ride' on foreign
warships because of our shortage of vessels due to recent budget cuts.
--Former CIA director says that President Obama hasn't done enough to protect the
nation from attacks to its information and critical infrastructure systems.
--Former Virginia Senator Jim Webb enters the presidential race; Bernie Sanders
packs the house in Madison, Wisconsin, for an election speech and Governor Chris
Christie enters the race as well.
--Financial crisis in Greece hits a peak after 5 years of instability.
--The Obama administration lauds the TPP as the most progressive trade deal in
--President Obama thanks Republicans for their part in the signing of hard fought
trade legislation.
--Obama's approval ratings surge upward.
--The U.S. Supreme Court affirms North Carolina's right to issue 'Choose Life'
license plates.
--The Supreme Court refused to allow Texas to enforce restrictions that would
force 10 abortion clinics to close.
--Unions donating money to Planned Parenthood.
--California governor signs a bill that would eliminate religious and personal
objections to vaccinations.
--A bill to legalize physician assisted suicide still a possibility
in California.
--A Ten Commandments monument in Oklahoma must be removed.
--Another attempt is being made to make Washington, D.C., the 51st state.
--The U.S. Senate is set to take up the 'Every Child Achieves Act' (SB-1177) to
replace 'No Child Left Behind.'
--Public schools to offer Chobani Greek Yogurt this Fall as part of the federal
school lunch program. Chobani is known for their lewd, pro-homosexual
--Tylenol includes homosexual couples as family examples in their latest
--President Obama announces an agreement to reestablish economic ties with Cuba.
--Top officials of the United Church of Christ vote to divest from companies that
conduct business in Judea and Samaria.
--A Wal-Mart customer was denied the right to have a confederate flag cake made
but they did make an ISIS flag cake for him.
--President Obama makes a big push to convert huge numbers of recent immigrants
and refugees into what's called 'New Americans.' Is this really an attempt to
make new voters?
--The Obama administration to welcome 4,000 new citizens this week.
--More people allegedly speak Spanish in the U.S. than any other country in the
world except Mexico.
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