General Information

Health and Safety
Each week, Trail Ridge has on hand a certified camp nurse. Also, each week we have a certified lifeguard on hand to supervise all pool and waterfront activities. We have a hospital and emergency room just 9 miles away from the camp facilities. If your child has a communicable disease or will not be able to participate in most camp activities, please do not send them to camp. The health and safety of all our campers and staff is vitally important to us!

Lost and Found
Lost and found items not claimed within 30 days of the camper’s departure will be disposed of. It will be the camper and parent’s responsibility to pay for the cost of shipping any lost and found item. When you come to pick up your camper, make sure you thoroughly go through the cabin and clothes lines to be sure you are leaving with as much as you came with. It is advisable to mark your children’s clothing with their initials so they are easier to spot. Also, sending a dirty laundry bag with your camper would be recommended.

The cost for a week of camp is only $195. This fee includes payment for overnight cabin accommodations, 15 meals, group activities, nine chapel sessions, supervision of a caring staff and interaction in the beauty of God’s wonderful creation. The only extra cost campers will have is for buying snacks and souvenirs at camp. (Suggested amount $20-$35)

-Early Bird Discount
~A discount of $20 will be granted to any camper (unless disqualified by the CVD) who has their complete registration
submitted and paid in full.
-Child of a Volunteer Discount (CVD)
~Any children whose parents are volunteering for a week or more at Trail Ridge are eligible for this discount.
~First camper will cost $100
~Any other campers will cost an additional $140 each
~A recipient of the CVD does not qualify for any other scholarship or discount.

The week of camp begins between 9 and 11 on Monday morning for registration. Campers get picked up from 9-10 the following Saturday morning. Please make every effort to be on time for arrival and departure. We have a very tight schedule that we need to follow (even on Saturdays when you pick them up). If you will be running late, please call the camp at 608-489-3810 to let them know when you will be arriving.

-If a camper’s conduct is threatening, dangerous or distracting to other campers; and if the camper is not responding to discipline, that camper will be dismissed from the camp with no refund.
-Dismissible conduct may include but is not limited to lying, stealing, horseplay, disrespect, bodily harm to others, vandalism or inappropriate language and gestures.
-When a camper is dismissed, it is the responsibility of the parents to come immediately to camp to pick up their camper. That camper will be asked to pack their personal belongings and prepare for their parent’s arrival. They will not participate in any camp activity, and will be isolated from contact with any other campers. It is the parent’s responsibility to notify the camp of any behavior issues in the registration form.

Dress Code
Please send clothes to camp with modesty in mind. No tight fitting or spandex clothing is allowed. Please send at least one pair of long pants and at least one set of clothes you don’t mind getting very dirty. Some other clothing items you may want to send with your camper: sweatshirt, hat, rain poncho or rain coat, and an extra pair of shoes. Please send good, solid walking shoes with your camper. Sandals are good for walking to and from the pool, but in a high energy environment like camp, sandals tend to break easily. If you send sandals with your camper, make sure they are a sturdy sandal, not flip flops.
Girls— All shorts, skirts and dresses must be no shorter than mid-thigh. Tops should be t-shirts or full cover for protection from the sun as well as for modesty. (no spaghetti straps) Bathing suits must be 1-piece. If a female camper brings a 2 piece suit, she must wear a dark colored t-shirt over it while swimming.
Boys—No tank tops will be allowed. Bathing suits must be modest boxer-type swim trunks.