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2017 Events at Trail Ridge Camp

Teen Winter Tumble

​January 21th, 2017 - 10AM-8PM

Valentine's Banquet

​February 18th, 2017 - 6PM-9PM

Up Next - Time Changer!

Movie Month

​Friday, March 17th, 2017 - 6PM -- "Time Changer"

​Friday, March 24th, 2017 - 6PM -- "Unidentified"

​Friday, March 31st, 2017 - 6PM -- "Amazing Love"
​No matter who you are or what you do, you have experienced trials in your life. The loss of a loved one, health concerns, broken relationships and so much more. How did you respond to those conflicts? Did you feel
like you came out on top or did your end up broken and defeated? Come be instructed from the Word of God by Susan Heck speaking on the topic, “Triumph over Trials.”
​Kids Kamp 2016 Mission Completed:
For three weeks this summer Trail Ridge Campers became detectives.  In the activities they enjoyed searching for clues and working together as teams to complete a mission.

Campers enjoyed making new friends, eating fantastic meals and learning new skills like archery, boating and crafts.  They also spent hours enjoying a new activity at Trail Ridge called “Octo-Ball!” 

In chapel, the campers learned valuable lessons from God’s Word about the Fruit of the Spirit and how to apply that to their own lives.  Quickie Quizzes, Object Lessons and singing were also part of the chapel program.

In the Scripture memory competition, each camper began learning Galatians 5:22-23.  After that was completed, they moved on to learn verses about each individual Fruit of the Spirit.  Our top memorizer this summer memorized 54 verses leading her team to victory!

During the course of those three weeks of camp several life-changing decisions were made!  There were 34 campers who decided to put their trust in Jesus Christ as their Savior and 8 campers who were counseled with Scripture how they can have assurance of their eternal Salvation!  We share this with you not to boast but to remind you to continue in prayer for all of our campers from this past summer—That the Lord would continue to do a great work in their lives!
2016 Kids Kamp Volunteers
We were blessed this summer with volunteers with servants’ hearts.  We had an abundance of staff members willing to do whatever they could to keep camp running smoothly.  Volunteer service is vital in keeping the Trail Ridge ministry going. 

To all of you Counselors, Housekeepers, Groundskeepers, Cooks, Lifeguards, Activities Assistants and Healthcare Supervisors:


​Remember that there are still projects that will be going on year-round at Trail Ridge.  If you have any free time you’d like to give for a day, please call the camp office:

VCY America has been involved in camping ministries since 1963. In 1999 VCY was able to acquire a beautiful 385 acre camp facility in Hillsboro, Wisconsin that we now know as Trail Ridge Camp and Conference Center. Through the years, Trail Ridge has hosted camps for kids, teens, families, underprivileged youth and specialty retreats.

This ministry has opened the door for countless young people and adults to come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. Each week, boys and girls enjoy a great time of wholesome activity coupled with vivid Bible time presentations and Scripture memory competition, in which campers love to participate.

If you have any questions about Trail Ridge that are not answered in the “Frequently Asked Questions” (FAQ's), please contact us; and we will be happy to answer those for you.

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