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1 Samuel 20.1-21.15

Listen to 1 Samuel 20.1-21.15 from the King James Bible as read by Pastor Brad Canterbury on today’s edition of God’s Word for Today, produced by VCY America


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It’s Time to Pray!

By Jim Schneider Executive Director, VCY America    Psalm 11:3, “If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?”    We live in a time of great evil and intense …

KVCC 88.5 FM Tucson On The Air!


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Christian School Raided by Authorities

Date:  August 22, 2019  Host:  Jim Schneider  ​Guest: Brad Dacus  MP3 ​​​| Order A Christian boarding school in Northern California was raided by sixteen armed officers, two K-9 units and seventeen social workers bearing a search warrant …

The Christian and Social Media

In Focus

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inFocus 5/20/19 "Conversion: From Islam to Christ"

In Focus is a live call-in program airing on WVCY-TV30 and VCYAmerica.TV Monday Nights at 7 PM, and repeated at midnight, 5 AM, and Noon.


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Balcony view of crowd at Patch Rally

Fall 2019 VCY Rallies

Dr. Ed Hindson  “Signs of the Times:  Setting the Stage for the Future” Saturday, September 14, 2019 Dr. Ed Hindson is a Bible Prophecy Speaker, and author of over 40 …

Forever Be Sure Rally

Bible Reading Challenge

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August 22 – The danger of 80% Correctness

August 22 Job 4:1-7:21 1 Corinthians 14:18-40 Psalm 37:30-40 Proverbs 21:27 Job 4:7 – The danger of being 80% correct. Eliphaz believed that God blesses the righteous and punishes the …

August 21 – Why Study Job?

August 20 – Delight Yourself in the LORD!

Prayer Encouragement Project

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August 22: Praying in Song

As we’re entering our ninth section of the hour in prayer – let’s look at how we can sing in prayer! Serve the LORD with gladness: come before his presence …

August 21: How does God speak to us?

August 20: The Pilgrim’s Prayer for Rain


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Jon S -

Wisconsin Casinos take in $16.35 billion

Wisconsin Family Council published the “Wisconsin Cultural Indicators 2019 Edition” recently, and inside are startling statistics about the state. “We are pleased to provide this important resource to lawmakers, educators, …

Faith’s Checkbook

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Wrath to God’s Glory

Surely the wrath of man shall raise thee: the remainder of wrath shalt thou restrain. (Psalm 76:10) Wicked men will be wrathful. Their anger we must endure as the badge …

Night of Weeping; Joyous Day

Deliverance Not Limited

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shareathon may 2019 close

VCY Days of Praise: Thursday and Friday!

UPDATE 5/10 11:00 PM CDT: Thank you for your prayers and financial support! Your gifts during the VCY Days of Praise are spreading the gospel around the world via radio, …

2019 Road Rallies with Mike Gendron

From the Scrapbook

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Christian Heritage Videos

Between VCY Ministry Trips and other travels we’ve collected a series of videos explaining our Christian Heritage! Tim Schmig at Adoniram Judson’s Grave Tim Schmig @ Thomas Jefferson Memorial VCY …

PEP on the Road! Mason, WI

2018 VCY America Year in Review

Redeeming the Time

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Qualify your Goals

Occasionally, when I am introduced to speak, the pastor or convention host will refer to me as Dr. Rick Grubbs. When that happens, I might not always correct them because …

Rat Race


Homefront Wisconsin

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Julaine Appling

Electoral College: What We Don’t Know Really Can Hurt Us

2019 | Week of August 12 | #1321 This commentary is dedicated to the proposition that what we don’t know really can hurt us. So what do you know about …

Knowing Our History

God’s Word For Today

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1 Samuel 20.1-21.15

Listen to 1 Samuel 20.1-21.15 from the King James Bible as read by Pastor Brad Canterbury on today’s edition of God’s Word for Today, produced by VCY America

1 Samuel 18.1-19.24

1 Samuel 17.12-17.58

VCY Bookstore

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VCY Bookstore & Outreach Center

VCY Bookstore & Outreach Center This Month’s Specials and many more… Jesus’ Family Tree Wonderful Wiersbe Bible Commentary Defined

As Read on Air

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My Old Bible

Though the cover is worn, And the pages are torn, And though places bear traces of tears, Yet more precious than gold Is the Book, worn and old That can …

The Bible

Got Any Rivers?

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Forgotten Verses of Christmas Carols

Often times we only sing the first verse of a carol. But the subsequent verses carry incredible doctrinal truths! Can you identify the carols these “forgotten verses” come from?

Billy Sunday Quotes

D.L. Moody quotes