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The Lord’s Free Men

For sin shall not have dominion over you: for ye are not under the law, but under grace. (Romans 6:14) Sin will reign if it can: it cannot be satisfied …

Tyranny Flexes Its Muscles

Walk Without Stumbling


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Pastor Appreciation Month

VCY reminds you that October is Pastor Appreciation Month. Pray for your pastor! Support his ministry! Encourage him! Thank him for his ministry! Let him know you’d like to assist …

October Specials at the VCY Bookstore

Brinkman Adventures Presents…


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Tyranny Flexes Its Muscles

Date:  October 26, 2021 Host: Jim Schneider ​Guest: Pastor Artur Pawlowski MP3  ​​​| Order Artur Pawlowski is the pastor of Street Church in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Pastor Pawlowski is not native to Canada.  He grew …

A World in Turmoil

News Roundup & Comment

In Focus

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inFocus 10/25/21 “What Does The Prophetic Future Hold?”

In Focus is a live call-in program airing on WVCY-TV30 and VCYAmerica.TV Monday Nights at 7 PM, and repeated at midnight, 5 AM, and Noon.


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Ken Ham Rally: CDs and DVDs are available

Ken Ham spoke at the September 18th, 2021 VCY Rally – “Facing the Secular Giants of Our Day” CD copies are available for a donation of $6.00 DVD copies are …

VCY Rally with Ken Ham

Gary Kah Rally: CDs and DVDs are available

Event Recaps

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Gary Kah Screengrab

Gary Kah Rallies “A Nation at War: The Globalist Conditioning of America”

Over three thousand people have come out to join us in the past with Jimmy DeYoung and Jason Hamilton in the Southwest, Mike Gendron in the Midwest, and Jimmy DeYoung …

VCY begins 60th Year of Broadcasting

Inspiration Time

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Inspiration Time with Hilton Griswold – Episode #116

Hilton Griswold, original pianist for the Blackwood Brothers quartet, plays and sings favorite Christian hymns and sacred songs on this episode of Inspiration Time, produced by WVCY-TV

Inspiration Time with Hilton Griswold – Episode #115

Bible Reading Challenge

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October 27 – Proverbs reminds you to Mind Your Own Business

October 27 Jeremiah 51:1-53 Titus 2:1-15 Psalm 99:1-9 Proverbs 26:17 Jeremiah 51:5 – Why is God judging Babylon? Because God isn’t done with Israel! Jeremiah 51:8 – The declaration that …

October 26 – See Three Things God Cannot Do!

October 25 – The Last Words of Paul

Prayer Encouragement Project

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January 11: Friday – Family!

Eric Ward [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons Continuing with our mnemonic, Friday is for Family! Now you’re already praying for your immediate family daily (and maybe even hourly if …

January 10: Thursday – Thanksgiving!

January 9: Wednesday – Workers!

Redeeming the Time

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Walking Speed

A 2013 study was done by a group of British researchers to determine if there was a correlation between walking speed and financial success. The results were what you might …

4 Ups

3 Simple Steps


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Jimmy DeYoung promoted to glory!

Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his saints. Psalm 116:115 Jimmy DeYoung, veteran broadcaster, student of Bible prophecy, Israeli expert, and television host, passed away …

WQRM 850 AM off air due to fire

President Trump’s 12/2 Speech

Faith’s Checkbook

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The Lord’s Free Men

For sin shall not have dominion over you: for ye are not under the law, but under grace. (Romans 6:14) Sin will reign if it can: it cannot be satisfied …

Walk Without Stumbling

The Magnitude of Grace

Wisconsin Family Connection

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Social Media Addiction: What’s a Parent To Do?

2021 | Week of October 25 | Radio Transcript #1435 Addiction is powerful—especially for young people. An addiction can mean a life of unusual struggle and hardship on many levels. …

Home Front 10-20-2021

Wearing Pink Doesn’t Help the Link

Building Great Leaders

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Building Great Leaders – Living With God-Given Restraints – Part 2

Les Ollila is an evangelist who served as the second president (1984-2002) and then chancellor (2002-2013) of Northland Baptist Bible College (1976-2015), later Northland International University. In 2013, Ollila began …