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Psalms 48.1-51.X

Listen to Psalms 48.1-51.X as read by Pastor Brad Canterbury

Forgotten Faces

Invitation to Listen Cards & Bumper Stickers

March 30th: Estate Planning Seminar


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Invitation to Listen Cards & Bumper Stickers

Heard the latest spot on the radio? Request some Invitation to Listen Cards and some Bumperstickers for your VCY radio station! Call toll-free 800-729-9829 and request today!

March 30th: Estate Planning Seminar

VCY Bookstore & Outreach Center Classes


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News Round-up & Comment

Date:  March 22, 2019  Host:   Jim Schneider  ​ MP3 ​​​| Order Below is a sample of what Jim had to offer on this week’s edition of the ‘Round-Up’: –New Zealanders marked the one-week anniversary of the …

Aftermath of New Zealand Mosques Shooting

In Focus

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inFocus 3/18/19 "The Truth About Abortion"

In Focus is a live call-in program airing on WVCY-TV30 and VCYAmerica.TV Monday Nights at 7 PM, and repeated at midnight, 5 AM, and Noon.

inFocus 3/11/19 "Wisconsin Legislative Issues"


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March 2nd Rally: Patch LIVE / Operation Arctic

1,200 people packed out the Waukesha Expo Center and countless more listened live online and on the radio to the Patch LIVE: Operation Arctic Adventure! The crew of the Jolly …

Forever Be Sure Rally

September 15: Praisemen & Mat Staver

Bible Reading Challenge

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March 23 – A limited pool for courtship?

March 23Numbers 36:1-Deuteronomy 1:46Luke 5:29-6:11Psalm 66:1-20Proverbs 11:24-26 Numbers 36:8 – This might seem that your options are limited, but considering Numbers 1:35, there were 32,200 able-bodied men in the tribe …

March 22 – Moral Authority for Warfare

March 21 – The Exodus Route

Prayer Encouragement Project

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March 23: Murray – The Door Shut – Alone with God

Andrew Murray Andrew Murray (1828-1917) was the son of a Dutch missionary sent to South Africa. He ministered for 60 years in South Africa, praying that “May not a single …


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Jon S -

Israel Trial Exonerates Cain and Condemns Elijah

(Friday Church News Notes, March 22, 2019,,, 866-295-4143) In a trial conducted in Israel last November, Elijah was found guilty of murder while Cain was exonerated. The trial was conducted …

Faith’s Checkbook

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Walk in Light

I am come a light into the world, that whosoever believeth on me should not abide in darkness. John 12:46 This world is dark as midnight; Jesus has come that …

Prayer for Peace

Our Substance Blessed

Event Recaps

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Greetings from the Ark Encounter!

The 2019 VCY Ministry Trip to the Ark Encounter left Milwaukee Thursday, March 21st, en route to the Cincinnati area. On Friday they visited the Ark Encounter, and on Saturday …

From the Scrapbook

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PEP on the Road! Mason, WI

The Prayer Encouragement Project hit the road this weekend as Bethany Baptist Church in Mason, WI invited us to present the findings of the Prayer in America Research Project! We …

2018 VCY America Year in Review

2018 Year in Review: Bible Reading Challenge

Redeeming the Time

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Forgotten Faces

Andrew Jackson, the 7th US President was the first President to have his photo taken. No one alive today has seen the face of any of the first 6 Presidents. …


Deepening vs. Broadening

Prophecy News

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Jimmy DeYoung

Persecution of Christians is happening around the world, even in so-called Christian nations

Listen to Today’s Program JD: These countries that are known for radical ideologies are not the only places where Christians are facing growing persecution. It’s happening more and more in places …

Homefront Wisconsin

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A High-Stakes, High-Court Election

2019 | Week of March 18 | Radio Transcript #1300 On April 2, Wisconsin voters will be asked to decide who will be the next justice on our state supreme …

Home Front 03-20-2019

MacIver News Bulletin 3-13-2019

God’s Word For Today

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Psalms 48.1-51.X

Listen to Psalms 48.1-51.X as read by Pastor Brad Canterbury

Psalms 44.1-47.X

Psalms 40.1-43.X

VCY Bookstore

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VCY Bookstore & Outreach Center Classes

Apologetics Class Beginning May 2nd Apologetics is a word referring to a logical defense for your beliefs.  In this case it is the defense of the beliefs of the Christian …

“Lies Girls Believe…”

“Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus”

As Read on Air

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My Old Bible

Though the cover is worn, And the pages are torn, And though places bear traces of tears, Yet more precious than gold Is the Book, worn and old That can …

The Bible

Got Any Rivers?

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Forgotten Verses of Christmas Carols

Often times we only sing the first verse of a carol. But the subsequent verses carry incredible doctrinal truths! Can you identify the carols these “forgotten verses” come from?

Billy Sunday Quotes

D.L. Moody quotes