The Best is Yet to Come

Get your news about the future from a reliable source – right from the mouth of God. Best-selling author and Bible teacher Tony Evans propels you past all the hype and confusion of prophecy, straight to the Source. He skillfully unlocks the secrets of the prophetic program, while simultaneously unveiling the future for all to read and understand.

Don’t settle for anything less than the truth – God’s truth. How do we know it’s the truth? Much Biblical prophecy has already been fulfilled with flawless accuracy! And true to the eternal changeless character of God, all of His prophecies will be fulfilled.  The Bible’s prophetic passages do far more than simply satisfy our curiosity about tomorrow. They impact our lives today. In this compelling book, Tony Evans explores the crucial topics of prophecy, including heaven, hell, the tribulation, and the anti-Christ.

So read on! Strap yourself in, settle back, and watch God’s eternal drama of the ages unfold before your eyes.

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