Exploring the Biblical & Scientific Case Against the Flat Earth

Date:  April 22, 2019  
Host:   Jim Schneider  
​Guest:  Pat Roy and Kyle Justice  
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Is the earth flat? How can we know for sure? Do you know that both sides of the argument quote the bible? Joining us to discuss both the biblical and scientific arguments are Pat Roy and Kyle Justice. Together, they have produced a DVD titled “Faith on the Edge.” 

So, why is belief in the “flat earth” gaining ‘ground?’ Pat Roy believes that many “flat earthers” are “posting on social media and causing doubts by way of questioning the earth’s characteristics. Roy says “once you start getting into it, you can get deeper and deeper” leading many to indoctrination. Furthermore (and sad but true), Roy says “a lot of people when asked to defend the round earth, actually couldn’t do it.” When did belief in a flat earth take off? Kyle Justice points back to the year 2014 when (again) social media became a platform for it’s modern day movement.

Roy and Justice acknowledge there are both secular and biblical flat earthers who use the bible to defend their argument. However, Roy says “we’ve got to be careful that we are rightly dividing the Word of God.” Roy says many times advocates are saying “take every verse literally” yet, we must remember there are several different literary styles used in the bible – therefore otherwise, we just make up for ourselves what we want the Scripture to be saying.

Why though? What do advocates of a flat earth stand to gain? Roy and Justice agree that flat earthers believe a round earth is a “great deception, sent by God” wherefore, they choose to reject the obvious to avoid a world system they believe that has been deceived.

The DVD “Faith on the Edge” (produced by Justice & Roy) presents a number of experiments that puts belief in a flat earth to the test. These include the “Bedford Level Experiment” from the 1830’s. Born was the “Flat Earth Society” which Justice says began the flat earth “movement” now revived with the help and use of social media. Also, the Chicago Skyline, which like the Bedford Level Experiment, some have said proves we have a flat earth. What about that Antarctic? the moon? those who have been in space? All of these are considered and tested on the DVD “Faith on the Edge” which includes a Salvation message along with several special guests including, General Charlie Duke, the Capcom for Apollo 11 & astronaut with Apollo 16. 

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2 Comments on “Exploring the Biblical & Scientific Case Against the Flat Earth”

  1. Just wanted to thank you so much for your program today! I listen just about every day. Today was especially a good topic and one I have seen debated very widely even among Christians as your guests mentioned. I could not get through on the phone lines to comment as I am sure many others couldn’t either, but I really wanted to share my view and support for a spherical with one simple verse in Psalm 103:12 mentions as far as the east is from west so far has he removed our transgressions from us. Thinking about how a functional compass works with our magnetic poles, the only way this verse could really be true is with a spherical shaped earth. Because really east and west could be infinitely far from eachother going one direction or the other. And in Hebrew 8:12 it says God remembers out sins and transgressions no more. When we repent and God forgives our sins they are gone. Forever. Infinitely. As far as the east is from the west. This is my thought, thank you so much for taking my comment and thank you so much for your show. It truly has been a blessing to me.

    1. Clinton, Separating our sins as far as the East is from West actually makes way more sense on a plane than it does a ball… Think about it. There are no spinning ball proofs from the the bible. Please pray about this and search the scriptures more diligently. There is an agenda to HIDE God. My brother is an atheist because the bible conflicts with his so called “distance of the stars” . It’s all a long time satanic agenda to make up the big bang and evolution theory. If God’s creation account is as read, we live on a plane, not a planet.

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