5 Comments on “VCY Bookstore January Offers”

  1. Do you have for sale any SHEET MUSIC? I’m looking for sheet music — Open the Gates, We Light a Thousand Candles, Shine, Jesus, Shine, and others. There’s no email address for you or VCYA.

  2. I have wondered for several years if VCY stands for Voice Of Christian Youth. I was part of VCY in high school from 1959-1962 in Michigan and we had a large club that met at 7:30 a.m. before classes began.

    1. I wasn’t alive yet then so didn’t know it had organized youth groups in different states. Wvcy radio station call letters = Wisconsin’s Voice of Christian Youth. Not sure if they are affiliated with the group you were in in Michigan! Interesting.

  3. Please…I cannot find any info. & registration link on the upcoming Pastors Appreciation luncheon Oct 8. Can you please send to me…so I can give to a pastor?

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