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Air Date: June 28, 2011

Host: Vic Eliason

Guest: Rabbi Noson S. Leiter

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Rabbi Noson S. Leiter is the Executive Director with Torah Jews for Decency. Its purpose is to mobilize the grassroots in the orthodox Jewish community on issues of morality and to defend and preserve those moral values legislatively.

This Crosstalk focused on the State of New York and their decision last Friday to give legislative approval to same-sex marriage. What was the key to this momentous event? Vic read a Huffington-Post report that indicated that monetary pressure was part of the lobbying campaign and that was enough to convince 4 of the 32 New York Senate republicans to cast a vote that tipped the scales in favor of same-sex marriage.

Rabbi Leiter agreed, also noting that in meeting with senators, especially “swing” senators that, “…none of them had anything to say in terms of substantiating their positions from any sort of legal, ideological, or moral basis.”

Vic and Rabbi Leiter also discussed the news that the Human Rights Campaign credited retailer Home Depot as a “secret weapon” in the fight to pass New York’s gay marriage legislation.

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