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Air Date: August 3, 2011

Host: Vic Elliason

Guest: Rob Pue

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As the program opened, Vic Eliason read a statement by Barack Obama, acknowledging and praising the celebration of Ramadan. This same Barack Obama ignores the National Day of Prayer except for the obligatory formal proclamation. But the presence and promotion of Islam in the United States is not limited to the White House. But evidence of Islam is becoming more common—and in come cases becoming dominant—all across the country.

Rob Pue is the founder and editor of Wisconsin Christian News in Marshfield, Wisconsin. He reported on a recent trip with his family that included Detroit, Michigan, where he observed what has happened in areas such as Dearborn which are now populated predominately by Muslims

He described a neighborhood reminiscent of scenes of poverty or war zones. Barbed wire, buildings with broken windows, sagging roofs, and general deterioration from one end of the neighborhood to the other. Many were uninhabitable, and those that were inhabited were homes for Muslim families. Also prominent were the offices of numerous Islamic organizations, including some with known ties to terrorist organizations.

One unexpected sight was that of a new service station holding a grand opening, named “Obama”, complete with the Obama campaign log and a giant picture of Barack himself. Just across the street from the Obama station was the Islamic Center of America, including a large mosque. There are several such stations in Detroit and others being opened elswhere.

Since 2005, suburban Detroit Civil Defense Speakers have been used to signal Islam’s call to prayer—a decision that was made without allowing any non-Muslims to give their views.

Another Michigan town the Pue’s have visited regularly is Mackinaw City, where in recent years the economy has forced about half of the main street stores to close—only to be re-opened by Muslims who now sell the souvenirs. Also the public school there is closed and boarded up, while a new Charter School for Global Education has a changing sign promoting Allah, Ramadan, and Islam.

Other examples were cited, including government agencies offering documents in English, Arabic, and Spanish (in that order), Arabic included along with English and Spanish on information signs in stores, and instruction manuals for equipment.

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