Efforts to Stop Sexual Indoctrination of Children

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Air Date: August 4, 2011

Host: Jim Schneider

Guest: Brad Dacus

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Brad Dacus is president of the Pacific Justice Institute.

A bill to require positive teaching of homosexuality in California public schools has been passed by the legislature, and signed by Gov. Jerry Brown, despite overwhelming opposition by the public.

SB 48 will require that all social science curriculum, including history books and other instructional materials, teach children as young as five–and continuing for all 13 years of public education–not only to accept, but also to endorse transgenderism, bisexuality, and homosexuality. Only positive images of homosexuals will be permitted, and new textbooks will be required to follow the same guidelines. SB 48 will take effect in January 2012 unless its implementation is stopped.

Currently the bill urges charter schools to “consider” following the new guidelines, but for the time being, Christian schools, churches, and other 501c3 organizations are exempted.

In addition schools will be prohibited from meetings or peakers who present any negative image of homosexuals, including speakers who have left the homosexual lifestyle and speak from personal experience. It is not known if this will extend to meetings and speakers sponsored by outside groups, like Bible clubs, that use public school facilities.

The impact would extend far beyond California. Homosexual activist groups, and even teachers unions, are already urging other states to pass similar legislation. With or without legal requirements, however, textbook publishers will comply to make sales in California, and the same pro-homosexual textbooks will then be purchased by schools across the nation.

In response to the signing of this bill, StopSB48.com was formed. It is a coalition of pro-family organizations and individuals, working together to stop implementation of SB 48 through the referendum process.

Signatures are now being collected to place a referendum to repeal SB48 on the ballot, the petition was drawn up by the Pacific Justice Institute. Approximately 550,000 signatures are needed by the end of September to place the issue on the California ballot

Also discussed was a lawsuit now in the Ninth Circuit Court, challenging the constitutionality of taxpayer-funded “Waldorf Method” charter schools, which use the occult teachings of Anthroposophy, which has been ruled to be a religion. In contrast, any charter schools that use Christian-based curriculum are instantly disqualified from any taxpayer funding.

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