The GOP Contenders for President / Christie’s Announcement

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Air Date: October 4, 2011

Host: Jim Schneider

Guest: Joseph Farah

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Although Governor Chris Christie has come out and said he won’t be running, Joseph Farah rightly questions the governor’s popularity up to now as a voter favorite that should enter the presidential race on the Republican ticket. For example, for all of his tough talk on topics like labor unions, what has he really done? Farah noted that he vetoed continued funding for Planned Parenthood in New Jersey, but that’s about it.

Farah also discusses Christie’s views on immigration, the Second Amendment, and nationalized health care.

From here the conversation moves to other Republican candidates and topics including:

–Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry, with special emphasis on the Gardasil controversy.

–Herman Cain and what’s caused his upsurge in the polls.

–Ron Paul and what Farah calls his libertarian “mixed bag” worldview.

–What happened at the Supreme Court in the Obama citizenship eligibility case brought up by Alan Keyes.

–His thoughts on Mitt Romney and more…

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