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Air Date: October 10, 2011

Host: Jim Schneider

Guest: Alan Gottlieb

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Before introducing his guest, Jim opened this edition of Crosstalk with two interesting news stories:

–Legislation has been introduced (The Presidential Records Act Amendments of 2011–HR-3071) that will allow President Obama to keep his personal and presidential documents secret.

–Jim Wallis, Founder of Sojourners, has implied that the “Occupy Wall Street” movement stands with Jesus.

Alan Gottlieb is the Executive Vice President of the Second Amendment Foundation.

Operation Fast and Furious was a government “sting” operation run out of the Phoenix, Arizona, Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms office. This operation is alleged to have allowed weapons to “walk” into Mexico with the idea that they would lead authorities to Mexican drug cartels. Alan believes that Attorney General Eric Holder perjured himself when speaking about this operation on May 3 before the House Judiciary Committee. Some people are therefore calling for his resignation.

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Congressman Darrell Issa of California

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