Examining Current Events In Light Of Bible Prophecy

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Air Date: December 14, 2011

Host: Gordon Morris

Guest: Jimmy DeYoung

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Dr. Jimmy DeYoung is a student of Bible prophecy, who studies prophecies and then looks at world events to discover how they line up with the prophetic timetable. He lived in Israel for some 20 years, with full journalist credentials, and thus was able to interview many leaders in that country. He returns to Israel regularly, and still meets with political and Jewish religious leaders to get the pulse of what is taking place, and what Israelis hope will take place.

In his message delivered at the VCY America Rally November 5, 2011, Jimmy gave an overview of the book of Revelation, and then applied it to world events in the past and the present.

Note: Orders for today’s Crosstalk program will instead receive the entire message from this rally, which lasts well over an hour.

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