What’s Happening In Our Schools?


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Air Date: February 16, 2012

Host: Jim Schneider

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Do you know what’s happening within the public education system? It’s getting increasingly difficult for students to live righteous lives for Christ in such as atmosphere. With that thought in mind, Jim Schneider presented Crosstalk listeners with details from 5 different school districts where authorities have either challenged the Christian worldview of students or are usurping the rights of parents. The examples include:

–Shawano, Wisconsin—Brandon Wegner censored and bullied for writing an op-ed article supporting mother-father adoption.

–Sheboygan, Wisconsin—Student barred from the opportunity to hand out valentines with a Christian message of love.

–Grand Junction, Colorado—A high school student is dropping out of choir because he refuses to sing an Islamic song that goes against his Christian beliefs.

–Hillsborough County, Florida—Tampa parents criticize school for letting Muslim civil liberty advocacy group (Council on American/Islamic Relations—C.A.I.R.) speak to students.

–Raeford, North Carolina—A 4 year old girl is forced to eat a school lunch because authorities determined that her lunch from home wasn’t healthy enough.

More Information:

Shawano, WI Issue
Shawano Superintendent of Schools – Todd Carlson (715) 526-3194 Ext. 8008
Shawano High School Principal – Scott Zwirschitz (715) 526-2175
Board of Education President – Mike Eidahl (715) 526-3194 – Call and ask for his office

Sheboygan, WI Issue
James Madison Elementary School Principal – Dr. Matt Driscoll (920) 459-3585
Supt. Of Schools – Joseph Sheehan – (920) 459-3512
Email: superintendent@sheboygan.k12.wi.us

Sheboygan School Board – (920) 459-3500
Email: schoolboard@sheboygan.k12.wi.us
David Gallianetti – President of the School Board – (920) 980-5313

Grand Junction, CO Issue
Grand Junction High School – (970) 254-6900
Supt. of Schools – Steven Schultz – (970) 254-5193
School District Administrative Offices – (970) 254-5100

Hillsborough County, FL Issue
Hillsborough County School Board – (813) 272-4000

Raeford, NC Issue
West Hoke Elementary School Principal – Jackie Samuels (910) 875-2584
Superintendent of Schools – Freddie Williamson (910) 875-4106

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