Christianity And The Future Of Our Youth

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Air Date: July 12, 2012

Host: Vic Eliason

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Vic began with a news item that was sent to VCYAmerica for public service consideration. The news item dealt with a Muslim Youth gathering to be held tomorrow in Franklin, Wisconsin. Over 1,000 Muslim students from all over America are expected to attend. It’s sponsored by MKAUSA.

Islam is an austere faith that affects every aspect of life from how you dress, speak, eat and much more. The details are spelled out within Shariah law, the Islamic legal code. It demands world domination and requires that adherents be willing to strap a bomb to themselves if necessary and give up their lives for Allah, becoming martyrs for the cause.

Unfortunately, zeal for the Christian faith among youth appears to be at record lows. As Vic noted, depending upon the poll you’re looking at, a high percentage of young people will deny or leave the Christian faith when they get to high school or college.

Locally, Vic pointed to VCY Leadership Camp as proof of this trend. This camp was extensively promoted on the network for months yet only 4 youngsters signed up to be a part of it.

Don’t miss this program as Vic looks at where the church has and continues to go wrong regarding our youth and specifically what some of the factors are that may be keeping our youth from becoming all they can be in Christ.

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