Warning: International Taxation Ahead

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Air Date: September 5, 2012

Host: Vic Eliason

Guest: David Williams

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David Williams is the President of The Taxpayers Protection Alliance. They are a non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to educating the public through the research, analysis and dissemination of information on the government’s effects on the economy.

While Vic described the U.N. as a great big, tall, skinny building, David added that this tall, skinny building has a very fat budget. It funds countries and policies that we might not agree with and does so via U.S. tax dollars given to it in the name of “foreign aid”. Vic called it cultural prostitution; buying favors from foreign governments by paying them money.

Vic and David discuss two taxes. One is a U.N. emissions tax that will certainly have an impact upon the airlines as well as long-haul trucking.

The second is the tobacco tax. This tax would come through the World Health Organization to help fund health care around the world.

Are these taxes ultimately designed to protect the earth or to provide health care as we are led to believe? After all, where’s the transparency at the United Nations that has allowed the American public to see audits or any specifics to see how the money the U.N. receives is being spent? Could these taxes really be about behavior control? Are there any legitimate efforts afoot to control wasteful government spending here in America? These are questions that deserve an answer, so become informed by reviewing this program and then contact your congressmen using the numbers listed below.

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