Is Gun Control the Answer?

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Air Date: December 27, 2012

Host: Jim Schneider

Guest: Larry Pratt

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Larry Pratt is Executive Director of Gun Owners of America, boasting a national membership of some 300,000 Americans dedicated to promoting the 2nd Amendment freedom to keep and bear arms.

Larry’s initial reaction to the Sandy Hook tragedy was anger that the laws that have disarmed people in gun free zones have made it possible for a murderer to act with impunity until police arrive.

In response to those who allege that organizations like the N.R.A. and G.O.A. bear responsibility for tragedies like Sandy Hook, Larry explained that those individuals don’t believe in self-defense, believing instead that no defense is a defense.

So what is the solution? In the case of school shootings, Larry believes that the most practical, feasible and affordable suggestion is to come up with laws to allow teachers and administrators to carry firearms at school.

Celebrities such as Piers Morgan and Michael Moore are in favor of gun control laws. What’s interesting about people who take this position is how it actually plays into the hands of those who would abuse guns. For example, Larry and Jim discussed the fact that every mass murder situation in America that has occurred during the past two decades, with only one exception, occurred in a gun free zone.

With President Obama’s record regarding the Constitution and Congress, will he move on his own regarding gun control? What do increased gun sales tell us? What about international pressure? Find out how Larry feels about these points and get the views of Crosstalk listeners as well regarding this critical topic.

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