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Air Date: February 5, 2013

Host: Vic Eliason

Guest: Michael Hammond

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Michael Hammond has spent the better part of his career in government service. He has served multiple U.S. Senators in positions as legislative counsel, special assistant and legislative assistant. He was a member of the Department of Education transition team and the Department of Justice transition team. He presently serves as a political consultant and writer as well as General Counsel for the Gun Owners of America.

Senator Feinstein of California has proposed gun ban legislation (S. 150). This legislation would ban up to 50% of all long guns currently in circulation, 80% of handguns in circulation and possibly ban every magazine. Michael feels it won’t pass because it’s just too extreme. Actually, this legislation may be a type of distraction designed to make universal background checks and the eventual creation of a national gun registry look like a sensible, bipartisan solution.

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Gun Owners of America

To comment on universal background checks that could be the framework to put together a national gun registry, call your legislators via the Capitol Hill Switchboard at
202-224-3121 and 202-225-3121.

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