Gay Manifesto Revisited

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Air Date: May 28, 2013

Host: Jim Schneider

Guest: Peter LaBarbera

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Last Thursday we saw the Boy Scouts capitulate and for the first time in their history allow for open homosexuals in the program at the pre-18 age level. As a followup, this Crosstalk presented audio excerpts from the press conference that followed the vote.

The guest who joined Jim to discuss this topic was Peter LaBarbera, the president of Americans for Truth.

Jim and Peter also focused on the State of Illinois where homosexual activists hope to make that state the 13th one to sanction same sex marriage.

Another important item on the agenda for this Crosstalk involved looking back 25 years at the essay/manifesto by Michael Swift that contains the goals of the homosexual movement.

More Information:

Michael Swift “Gay Revolutionary” Editorial written in 1987

Americans for Truth

Illinois residents wishing to share their views regarding the possibility of their state legalizing same-sex marriage can call the following numbers:

Capital Switchboard in Illinois

Tom Cross—Minority Leader in Illinois

Illinois Speaker of the House

Illinois Family Institute

To present your opinion regarding the first homosexual parade coming to Wausau, WI. call:

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