Protecting Children From Spiritual Deception

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Air Date: July 10, 2013

Host: Jim Schneider

Guest: Berit Kjos

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Berit Kjos is a respected researcher as well as the author of multiple books and articles. She is also a concerned parent and grandparent who has extensively studied religious trends, today’s social changes, the roots and branches of the United Nations and the transformation of the Church. She has an active website addressing contemporary issues and warning of the spiritual trends of our day. She joined Jim to discuss her book, “How to Protect Your Child from the New Age & Spiritual Deception.”

Berit began by communicating that the amount of deception, both subtle and blatant, is increasing especially in areas like sexuality and sensuality. Christianity is not welcome in the public schools as global solidarity is the mantra of the day.

Berit explains how…

…schools are actively fighting Christianity and in some cases actually corrupting the values of youth.
…the New Age movement is alive and well in the public education system.
…”common core” teachings have a global goal.
…television and digital media depict Christianity and the effect of these influences on children.
…parents can protect their children from attacks on their faith.
…occult powers are being marketed within the world of toys.
…spiritual deception is affecting the Church.

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