Worshiping at Molech’s Altar

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Air Date: September 13, 2013

Host: Vic Eliason

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The Israelites had the tendency to get caught up in worshiping pagan gods in spite of all the miracles they saw via the mighty hand of God. Molech was one of these gods. Molech had iron hands and under them was a huge fire that kept those hands red hot. People were told that if they wanted the favor of this god, they needed to cast their child into the hot hands.

Today we see a contemporary version of this behavior, as sadly many people accept abortion yet at the same time show great reverence for animal life.

For example, Vic read the account of a baby elephant that was nearly trampled to death by its mother in a Chinese zoo. The report indicated that the baby elephant cried for 5 hours while being comforted by zoo staff.

On the other hand, Vic reported on a story describing the accounts of former abortion workers that would play ‘toss’ with aborted babies in the hallway.

Other items Vic discussed that point to our own Molech worship in America included:

–An online flea market that sells an abortion greeting card and fetuses in jars.

–A letter from a listener that was an apology to Vic for not realizing the serious nature of the degradation taking place in America.

–Audio from a pro-abortion rally in Iowa as attendees attempted to pray for God’s blessing on abortion, abortionists and abortion rights.

–Transgender elementary school student causes Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, school district to allow unisex restrooms.

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To contact Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, school district representatives regarding their transgender student restroom policy call:

Donald Wiemer–President—262-567-5301
John Griswold–Vice President—920-474-4853
Mike Bickler–School Board Clerk——262-567-4000
The Superintendent of Schools–262-560-2111.
Lisa Arenas—414-698-9095
Sandy Schick—262-567-2725
Steve Zimmer—262-490-0804
Dave Guckenberger–920-474-7447

Waukesha Freeman Newspaper
Waukesha office—262-542-2501
Oconomowoc office—262-567-5511

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