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Air Date: May, 15 2014

Host: Jim Schneider

Guest: Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet

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Dr. Elizabeth Vliet is a medical doctor with practices in Tucson and Dallas. She is President of International Health Strategies whose mission is twofold: liberty and privacy in treatment options and preservation of the Oath of Hippocrates focus on the individual patient. She is a past board member of AAPS (Association of American Physicians and Surgeons). She spoke at numerous Healthcare Town Halls addressing the economic and medical impact of the 2010 healthcare law. She spoke on this Crosstalk as an independent physician.

Millennials (those ages 18-34) were a target group of the Obama administration concerning Obamacare. In the end, Dr. Vliet feels they have been seriously betrayed where the policies are affecting their ability to obtain employment and in regard to their income potential. In addition, they have more debt than baby-boomers did at the same stage in their lives, the health insurance premiums for millennials are double and triple what they were before Obamacare and their deductibles are higher to even have the coverage kick in.

This age group is critical to the success of Obamacare because having younger people pay higher costs allows the system to subsidize the health insurance for the expanded entitlement under Medicaid and to pay the health care costs of older citizens now that Obamacare prevents insurance companies from doing age-rated premiums.

Due to technical difficulties, Jim could not continue the interview with Dr. Vliet but after the first break, Jim presented Dr. Vliet’s 8 reasons why the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) is harming millennials.

Jim also presented details dealing with the following issues:

–An audio cut where Nancy Pelosi indicates we can’t prohibit a path to citizenship.

–An audio cut of a Nigerian schoolgirl who recalls the horrors of the Boko Haram.

–Trey Gowdy, the man assigned to chair a special committee regarding Benghazi, asks questions of the media and leaves them speechless.

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