A Wake-Up Call to Pastors

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Air Date: October 15, 2014

Host: Jim Schneider

Guest: Sam Rohrer

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Jim opened this edition of Crosstalk with news regarding the gender identity policy situation in the Sparta, Wisconsin, school district. Last evening the committee of the school board voted to table the matter.

Jim then introduced Sam Rohrer, the president of Pennsylvania Pastors Network & American Pastors Network. He is a former businessman, and a former state legislator as he served as a Pennsylvania state representative from 1992-2010.

This Crosstalk featured Sam bringing a biblical perspective to two attacks facing America. The first dealt with the state of Texas where Houston officials have issued subpoenas demanding that a group of pastors turn over copies of sermons and sermon notes that deal with homosexuality and gender identity. In addition, some pastors were also ordered to turn over all communications with members of the congregation regarding Houston’s non-discrimination law. Those pastors that fail to comply could be held in contempt of court. Sam believes this is intimidation in order to jump over the protections of the First Amendment and is reminiscent of the activities of the old Soviet Union.

Sam also discussed what he feels is the greatest threat to the gospel and to religious freedom. It’s the threat of Islam. He pointed to the Oklahoma City beheading and the continuing terrorism of the Islamic State (ISIS).

Why are so many pastors silent on this issue? Sam noted that pastors either don’t know what to say, they’re afraid to speak what they do know or they’re afraid that if they say something counter to what Islam is, it may harm their ability to preach the gospel to a Muslim who needs the Lord.

Sam also gave brief mention to those who adhere to a Communist/Marxist/atheistic philosophy, a philosophy that is also antithetical to God and Jesus Christ. Together with the organized homosexual lobby and Islam, they all have a common goal to destroy Christianity, the Bible, decency, morality, the rule of law and our constitutional frame of government.

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