Gender Confusion Runs Amok

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Air Date: December 16, 2014

Host: Vic Eliason

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Vic began this edition of Crosstalk by reviewing a story that VCY America covered back in April of 2008. The story dealt with Pineview Elementary School in Reedsburg, Wisconsin. The school had a week known as ‘Wacky Week’ where students could dress up for Pajama Day, 70’s & 80’s Day and Senior Citizens/Opposite Gender Day.

VCY contacted the district attorney’s office at the time and asked if they were aware that transgenders were going to Washington the next month to push for legislation involving special protections for those claiming to be transgender. They were not aware of this. The VCY network went public with the story and informed parents and they, in turn, contacted the school with their objections. The local paper carried the story, it went ‘viral’ and was even picked up by CNN.

What is causing people to be so confused about gender? Vic had listeners turn to the Bible’s book of Romans, chapter 1 beginning at verse 18. Reading through verse 32 he finished the first quarter hour by noting that youth pastors and others need to pass this warning along to children and thereby help prevent the kind of gender confusion that exists today.

The second quarter hour began with Vic presenting more examples showing how gender confusion is showing up around our nation, with an emphasis on our schools. Stories included:

–The Baraboo, Wisconsin, school board narrowly approved a transgender student participation policy that will establish guidelines in district athletics.

–In Minnesota a non-binding proposal passed this month that allows boys to join girls sports teams, use their restrooms and spend the night in their hotel rooms.

–The G.L.A.D. media reference guide for transgender issues describes the terms to avoid when describing transgender individuals along with the preferred replacements.

–A West Virginia high school forces a Christian student to attend an LGBT club and then punishes him for mildly expressing his opinion.

–The Obama administration orders federally funded schools to let their students choose their own gender.

–New York Governor Andrew Cuomo orders private insurance companies to fund sex change procedures including hormone treatments and elective surgery.

–Members of the gay student alliance at a Massachusetts high school are upset about the tradition surrounding the colors of graduation gowns.

–Court orders school district to pay $75,000 award in a transgender girl’s lawsuit.

–Senator Jeff Merkley to introduce a comprehensive LGBT nondiscrimination bill in the Spring of next year.

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