Hillary Calls for Change of Religious Beliefs

Air Date: April 27, 2015

Host : Jim Schneider

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It seems that with increasing frequency, we are told by those in governmental positions that our religious beliefs need to be set aside. One of the latest to join this chorus is Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, who made it clear she wants to have government throw the power of state coercion behind the effort to redefine traditional religious dogmas.

While addressing the recent 6th Annual Women in the World Summit in New York City, Clinton said the following:

‘We’ve cut the maternal mortality rate in half but far too many women are still denied critical access to reproductive health care and safe childbirth. All the laws we’ve passed don’t count for much if they’re not enforced. Rights have to exist in practice not just on paper. Laws have to be backed up with resources and political will and deep seeded cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed.’

She also cited religious based objections to the Health and Human Service mandate funding Planned Parenthood and the homosexual and transgender agenda as obstacles that must be defeated by the government.

This isn’t the first time Clinton has expressed such thoughts. She did this in December 2011 during a speech in Geneva as Secretary of State. In that speech she noted that objections such as those rooted in religious or cultural values are not unlike the justification offered for violent practices toward women such as honor killings and widow burning.

In other words, according to Hillary Clinton, when someone quotes Scripture, that’s no different than someone who uses their religion to engage in Islamic honor killings or widow burnings.

Join Jim as he takes a critical look at the words of this Democratic front-runner and how she’s attempting to solidify her candidacy as she states her views on the unborn, women and those in the LGBT movement.

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