Sodomy’s Slippery Slope

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Air Date: May 26, 2015

Host : Vic Eliason

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This Crosstalk began with Vic interviewing VCY America’s Jim Schneider who many listeners know suffered life-threatening health complications after knee surgery. By God’s grace and the prayers of many, Jim continues to recover. He gave glory to God and is ready to continue doing that which God planned in advance for him to do (Ephesians 2:10).

Vic Eliason then framed a discussion concerning the continuing tidal wave of sodomy in America by noting the following stories:

–Supreme Court Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg allegedly ‘leaks’ the result of the
court’s decision on same-sex marriage.
–Man adopts his same-sex partner to help with estate planning issue.
–Girl Scouts allowing boys who identify as girls to enroll as members.
–Boy Scouts moving closer to open and avowed homosexuality.
–Canadian Christian Jeweler sells rings to homosexual couple but still comes
under scrutiny.
–Vice President Joe Biden releases a statement blasting religious condemnation
of homosexuality.
–In a speech, Hillary Clinton calls for a change in deep seeded cultural codes,
structural biases and religious beliefs.
–Wheaton College defends its decision to form homosexual groups on campus.

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To comment regarding the Wheaton College/homosexual groups decision call:

Wheaton College President–Dr. Philip Graham Ryken

The Provost and Professor of Psychology–Dr. Stanton L. Jones

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