SCOTUS Rules on Obamacare White House Celebrates LGBT Month

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Air Date: June 25, 2015

Host : Jim Schneider

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In just the last 24 hours, the Senate passed Fast Track Authority to allow trade agreements to be made simply with an up or down vote, this morning we saw the U.S. Supreme Court rule on Obamacare subsidies and last evening the White House celebrated LGBT pride month.

In the case of Obamacare, the words ‘established by the state’ regarding exchanges and subsidies was defined as ambiguous by Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts. The new ruling means these words actually refer to that which is established by the state or the federal government.

Another issue brought up by Jim involved the question of conservative politicians who go to Washington only to vote against the ideals they communicated during the campaign period. What’s causing this? Jim presented interesting information that indicates some politicians are experiencing retribution for defying party leaders. In some cases this has allegedly involved the threat by the GOP to take away subcommittee chairmanships.

President Obama doesn’t recognize the National Day of Prayer with a commemoration at the White House yet last evening he joined Vice President Joe Biden in hosting an LGBT pride reception there. Jim played audio from the President’s speech at the event, a speech that included interruption by an illegal alien transgender heckler and an overview of what this administration has been able to accomplish for the LGBT community.

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