Privacy at Risk

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Air Date: August 19, 2015

Host:  Jim Schneider

Guest: Dr. Katherine Albrecht

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On July 12 of this year an opinion piece was written in the Wall Street Journal entitled, ‘Smart Cities Will Know Everything About You.’ This sounds like everyone’s personal privacy is at risk. Just how far have we come?

Appearing with Jim to discuss this was Katherine Albrecht. Katherine is an internationally known privacy researcher, consumer advocate, bestselling author and nationally syndicated radio host. She holds a Doctorate in Human Development and consumer Education from Harvard. She has authored pro-privacy legislation and has testified before the Federal Trade Commission and numerous state legislatures.

Katherine and Jim cover many points related to the issue of privacy including:

–The shocking privacy intrusion characteristics built into Windows 10.
–Google’s new photo ap allegedly keeps uploading pictures to Google’s servers
even after deleting the ap.
–Will the home of the future be embedded with receivers that pick up signals
(perhaps from your computer) and transmit the information into the mobile phone
network to be received by government agents, marketers, academic researchers
and/or medical authorities?
–Wireless remote accessibility to the features of your car.
–Toll road transponders that actually may be tracking you wherever you go.
–Toys with built-in recording devices.
–Drones that have password cracking technology.
–Eye scans at the airport.
–Are we any closer to being able to initiate the biblical ‘mark of the beast’?

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