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Air Date: September 17, 2015

Host: Jim Schneider

Guest: John Luck

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Jim opened this broadcast by mentioning the attacks taking place on children today. They are attacked in the womb, they are targeted by LGBT organizations and even the National Education Association who try to teach them that homosexuality and transgenderism are normal and healthy lifestyles. They are targeted with Islamic indoctrination in schools with some being taught that there is no god but Allah and Mohammed is his prophet. Then there’s Hollywood that is often using the guise of entertainment to influence and change the values taught by parents. Some children are targeted to go to atheist summer camps while still others are being introduced to the occult through children’s television programs along with video and roll-playing games.

All of this shows that the non-Christian world recognizes the value of reaching children and doing so when they are very young.

There is a godly alternative that has been around for nearly 80 years with a mission to reach boys and girls around the world with the gospel. Joining Jim to discuss that option was John Luck. John is the project manager of Good News Across America, a division of Child Evangelism Fellowship.

Child Evangelism Fellowship began in 1937 by Jesse Overholtzer. He was inspired by a portion of a sermon by Charles Spurgeon that communicated the effect of preaching the gospel to children. God used that to burden him to start CEF, an organization that has a 3-fold purpose:

1—Evangelizing boys and girls.
2—Discipling them in the Word of God.
3—Establishing them in the local church.

CEF is currently working in 192 nations. They’ve shared the gospel with nearly 20 million children and established over 69,000 Good News Clubs worldwide.

Why bother with children? CEF believes children are very important. John noted that in just the gospels alone there are over 100 references to children. Also, Jesus said, ‘Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me…’ (Matthew 19:14)

John also pointed out some interesting Barna research indicating that approximately 85% of those who profess Christ today came to Christ prior to their 15th birthday.

All this points to the fact that children are the most fruitful mission field. So if you’re interested in finding out how CEF provides for the local church, how they determine the cities they go to, how their program has been received by churches and children, the results of their efforts from this past summer or how you can be involved on both the national and local levels, you’ll want to review this edition of Crosstalk.

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For more information regarding Christmas Across America or anything concerning Good News Across America, call 1-800-300-4033.

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