News Round-up and Comment 11-06-2015

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Air date: November 6, 2015

Host:  Jim Schneider

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Current news stories on various topics are discussed.

Here are just some of the stories included:

Barack Obama has officially rejected the Keystone XL pipeline, thus paving the way for announcing action on the environment on the coming world Climate Summit meeting.

At that Climate Summit, a treaty is proposed which would set up an “International Tribunal of Climate Justice”, which would then be given the power to put the United States on trial for violating “climate justice”.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership, which Barack Obama has promised to sign (without authorization from Congress who abrogated their responsibility to approve treaties), will now remove Congress from any input on decisions made by a secret, unaccountable commission which will have sweeping regulatory powers over 40% of the world’s economy.

France is lifting the ban on homosexual blood donations, put into place because of the higher risk of the HIV virus, because it is now considered to discriminate against homosexuals.

Male-on-male sexual assaults are increasing in the U.S. military. and the American Psychological Association says such assaults actually are under-reported.

In Britain, ISIS inmates are forcing non-Muslim prisoners to pay a tax known as Jizya, or “protection tax”, to keep from being attacked.

The Muslim Brotherhood will have a float in the Tulsa, Oklahoma Veterans Day parade.

Meanwhile, Congress is moving to label the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist group.

A new study shows fewer Americans are certain of God’s existence.

In Massachusetts, a United Church of Christ has hosted a “Drag Gospel Festival” in support of their homosexual and transgender members.

In South Dakota, the state High School Activities Association is moving to allow students to participate in sports reflecting their gender identities, not their biology.

The White House is announcing a ban on the use of the term “juvenile delinquent” in government communications, because it is offensive and unfair.

A pro-amnesty group has created a “Bill of Rights for Undocumented Americans” which includes ten demands that presume illegal aliens have the same rights as U.S. citizens. 

Gun sales in America have set new records each of the last six months.

Plus many other stories.

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