News Round-Up and Comment 11-20-2015

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​Air date: November 20, 2015

Host:   Jim Schneider

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Jim Schneider hosted this fast-paced program featuring many news stories dealing with ISIS and the related refugee problem.  Some of the stories that were presented included:

–27 feared dead as the hostage situation at a luxury hotel in the Mali capital 
  apparently ends.
–Muslim terrorists take 170 hostages but free those who cite the Qur’an.
–A group comprised of five Pakistani men and one man from Afghanistan are 
  allegedly captured by U.S border patrol agents after illegally crossing the 
  border in the Tuscon area of Arizona.
–At the G20 Summit in Turkey President Obama was put on the defensive by 
  reporters questioning his strategy against ISIS and his unwillingness to alter 
  in the wake of the Paris attack.
–Turkish soccer fans boo with some shouting Allahu Akbar during a minute of 
  silence for the victims of the Paris attacks.
–Authorities detain 8 suspects posing as refugees at an Istanbul airport after 
  they flew in from Casablanca.
–President Obama rolls out a hashtag of ‘refugees welcome’ on Twitter on 
  Wednesday a day after he tried publicly to shame those in Congress who are 
  concerned about security issues in the wake of the Paris attacks.
–Poland’s new conservative government has suggested that Syrians return to 
  liberate their own nation and fight for it and liberate it from the extremists.
–Police in Ontario, Canada, shoot a Muslim suicide bomber. 
–ISIS pursuing the development of chemical weapons with the help of scientists in 
  Iraq, Syria and elsewhere in the region.
–ISIS warns that nations taking place in air strikes against Syria will suffer 
  the same fate of France and has threatened to attack Washington.
–New York City on high alert in response to a new ISIS threat.
–U.S. military pilots who returned from fighting ISIS confirm they were blocked 
  from dropping 75% of their ordinance on terror targets because they couldn’t get 
  clearance to launch a strike.
–The House of Representatives approves a bill aimed at improving screening for 
  Syrian and Iraqi refugees with dozens of Democrats joining majority Republicans  
  in defiance of a White House veto threat.  
–5 refugees caught in Honduras trying to get to the U.S. with stolen passports 
  from Greece.
–The Saudi funded, terror tied organization known as the Council on American-
  Islamic Relations (CAIR) is slamming Republican governors for their efforts to 
  oppose the importing of refugees from Syria into the U.S.
–The President has a coalition of faith leaders from across the nation that have 
  signed an open letter adamantly rejecting the move by 27 Republican governors     
  to close their states to Syrian Muslim refugees.
–Did President Obama admit he was a Muslim…again?
–Parents of students attending a Huntington Beach, California, middle school are 
  demanding to know why a teacher had students sing an Islamic fight song.
–Presidential hopeful Ben Carson calls Terry Schiavo’s starvation death ‘…much 
  ado about nothing.’

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