Is it ‘Equality Act’ or ‘Criminalizing Christianity Act’?

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​Air date: November 23, 2015

Host:   Jim Schneider

Guest:  Peter LaBarbera

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Earlier this month, citizens of Houston, Texas, went to the poles and strongly denounced the ‘bathroom bill’ that would open up their restrooms, locker rooms and shower facilities for people of different biological sexes.

Now there is a plan to make a nationwide bathroom bill that would impact businesses across America while superseding the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. It’s called ‘The Equality Act’ but the guest on this Crosstalk called it the ‘Criminalizing Christianity Act.’

Joining Jim to discuss this issue was Peter LaBarbera. Peter is the founder and president of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality.

Jim began by making listeners aware of two bills that have been introduced in both the House and the Senate. One is Senate Bill S-1858 and the other is House Bill HR-3185. These pieces of legislation comprise what Peter described as ,’…by far the most radical piece of pro-homosexual, pro-transgender, transsexual legislation that’s ever been introduced.’

What the ‘Equality Act’ does is to take the landmark Civil Rights Act of 1964 and it inserts sexual orientation and so-called gender identity into various provisions of the act and then expands the act. For example, it expands the definition of public accommodation. It would put the power of the federal government behind the 1964 Civil Rights Act and basically force businesses, including faith-based businesses to embrace the new homosexualism and transgenderism.

Jim quoted directly from page 15 of the bill where it says,’The term ‘gender identity’ means the gender related identity, appearance, mannerisms or other gender related characteristics of an individual regardless of the individual’s designated sex at birth.’

The legislation takes into account the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s interpretation that sex discrimination includes sexual orientation and gender identity. Peter hopes this will be overturned with the next administration. Nonetheless, what the Equality Act would do is take the EEOC’s interpretation and make it the law of the land.

If you want your legislators to hear your views concerning the ‘Equality Act’ or if you wish to contact Target Corporation for their support of this act, use the contact numbers listed below.

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Paul Ryan (Speaker of the House)–202-225-0600
202-225-3121 (House Members)
202-224-3121 (Senate Members)

Target Corporation—1-800-440-0680 or 612-696-3400

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