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​Air Date: December 2, 2015

Host:  Jim Schneider

Guest:  Michael Oard

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The weather always seems to be a topic of interest among people. When there’s severe weather, media programming is suspended so that the public can be kept safe. Many people watch or listen to late day newscasts for the sole purpose of finding out what the weather will be like for the upcoming day.

Tied in with the weather is the subject of global warming. In fact, our government continues to try and convince us that global warming is the greatest threat to mankind. However, from Genesis 8:22 we know that the seasons will continue and day and night will not cease.

Joining Jim to discuss weather was Michael Oard. Michael is a retired meteorologist with the National Weather Service who served as a lead forecaster for 20 years in Great Falls, Montana. He has both his bachelors and masters in Atmospheric Science. He’s published numerous articles in support of biblical creation and has authored several books including ‘The New Weather Book’ a part of the ‘Wonders of Creation Series’.

Michael’s book begins by establishing the fact that Jesus is the creator of the world which includes the weather. Does this mean he created dangerous weather? Michael believes he didn’t at the beginning because God said that the creation was very good. Dangerous weather came about because of man’s willful sin (Genesis 3) yet this kind of weather not only shows that the earth has been cursed by sin but it demonstrates the power of God acting in nature.

Beginning with some interesting facts about thunderstorms and lightning, this program answers numerous weather related questions, including some that deal with the creation of the earth. For example:

–Why is the sun the ultimate cause of weather?
–What do red skies in the morning mean? In the evening?
–Does the amount of salt in the oceans provide a clue as to the age of the earth?
–Why is the color of snow white?
–What is the largest recorded hailstone?
–Why have warm climate fossils been found in the north?
–What should we know about climate change?

​This program was first broadcast September 12, 2015.

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