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​​Air Date: December 28, 2015

Host:  Jim Schneider

Guest: Chris Katulka

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Are you aware of the fact that Israel is mentioned approximately 2,600 times in the Bible? This tells us that there must be something important about this nation. In spite of this, we are seeing a rising tide of anti-Israel sentiment from both Islamic and Christian sources around the world.

Joining Jim to discuss this trend was Chris Katulka. Chris is the host of the radio program, ‘The Friends of Israel Today’. He also serves as a speaker, writer and blogger for The Friends of Israel and writes for ‘Israel My Glory’ magazine. He also leads annual tours to Israel.

What is the rising tide of anti-semitism all about? Chris says you see it coming from within the radical Islamic mentality. Also, the Qur’an doesn’t speak highly of Jews so naturally there is anti-semitism that comes with that. However, Chris believes that the more interesting element is coming from universities not only in Europe but also America as students are becoming educated in anti-Israel/anti-Zionist opinion. For example, students are being told that Jews came into Israel, stole the land from the Palestinians and are occupying all of Israel. What we’re seeing coming from this description of Israel are efforts like the BDS movement where people around the world, including people in churches, are divesting from and boycotting Israeli companies and working to have sanctions placed on them.

Is Israel really a threat to the nations around it? According to Chris, Israel is actually a blessing to these nations. For example, Chris noted that he’d much rather be a Palestinian living in the Middle East surrounded by the Israeli army than living in Syria. In other words, instead of Israel being viewed as the problem of the Middle East, they should be looked at as the hope of that area of the world.

Why should we stand with Israel? The first reason Chris gave revolves around the basic civil rights that come with Western values. These values such as freedom of speech and religion are supported by Israel.

The second reason is biblical. The Bible is a book that has a view of Israel. It’s a Jewish book throughout. God gave the Jews their land and as non-Jews we have become blessed by the Jewish people.

As this Crosstalk moves along, you’ll discover answers to the following questions:

–How should we respond to anti-Israeli sentiments?
–Does Israel biblically have a place in the world not only for today but for the
–Does the Bible show that one day God will breathe new life into Israel?
–Do we have to accept and support everything Israel does?

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