News Round-Up 2-5-16

​​​​​​​Date:  February 5, 2016

Host:   Jim Schneider

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What happened in our nation and the world this week that the major news networks may have failed to cover? Jim presented a selection of such stories including:

–The Chicago Stock Exchange said a Chinese investor group agreed to acquire it
giving the buyer entry into the intensely competitive U.S. equity market. It
would be the first of a U.S. exchange by a Chinese company.
–On Monday our national debt hit a new record of just over 19 trillion dollars.
That’s more than $58,000 for each person living in the U.S. including children.
–The man behind the undercover Planned Parenthood videos has no interest in a
plea deal for probation for what he claims are bogus charges filed against him.
Instead, he wants an apology from the district attorney made on these charges.
–A pro-life organization has released documents that may show Planned Parenthood
illegally profiting from the sale of aborted baby body parts.
–Democrats in the House defeat an attempt by pro-life Republicans to override a
veto of the reconciliation bill that would defund Planned Parenthood.
–Mississippi legislators are the latest to take action to insure that babies
bodies are treated humanely and respectfully in their state.
–In recognition of Black History Month a group of pro-life students at Purdue
University hung posters across the campus to raise awareness about how black
babies are targeted for abortion.
–More black babies are aborted than born alive in New York City.
–Louisville, Kentucky, Planned Parenthood Abortion clinic shut down after their
pro-life governor discovered that the abortion clinic was operating without a
–Two leading members of the Missouri House have filed bills that would help
insure that the organs and body parts of aborted pre-born children are not sold
by abortion clinics and hospitals performing elective abortions.
–The United Nations Postal Administration released six new postage stamps
promoting equality for LGBT individuals.
–The ambassador for Nigeria gave a stinging rebuke in anticipation of the roll-
out of the stamps.
–The Obama administration is now targeting emergency shelters for regulations
elevating gender identity over health, safety, privacy and religious liberty
–The Department of Education is now targeting Christian colleges in a call from
the Human Rights Campaign for greater transparency on anti-LGBT religious
–Sologamy, the marriage of someone to themselves, is the latest step from those
attempting to push marriage beyond the biblical norm.
–A woman from Norway claims she’s a cat trapped in a human body.
–North Korea is preparing to launch a satellite capable of detonating a nuclear
weapon more than 100 miles over the U.S. creating an electromagnetic pulse that
could destroy our electric grid system.
–Russia steps up it’s military maneuvers to a level that’s been unseen since the
height of the cold war.
–Army and Marine corps chief says it’s time for women to register for future
military drafts.
–The National Security Agency is undertaking a major reorganization.
–Canada’s new Prime Minister plans to ‘fast track’ the acceptance of thousands of
Syrian refugees over the next few weeks.
–Florida’s governor would be able to use military force to keep out immigrants or
refugees from certain parts of the world under a bill that was passed by a House
committee on Wednesday.
–A large number of anti-semitic incidents in France has led to a record number of
French Jews that are leaving the country.
–3 Republican lawmakers have asked Iran’s Supreme Leader to facilitate their visa
applications for them to visit Iran.
–Huckabee, O’Malley, Santorum and Paul step out of the presidential race.
–Hillary Clinton fields first campaign question about physician assisted suicide.
–Hillary Clinton expressed confidence that the FBI’s investigation into her
handling of classified information as Secretary of State will not lead to an
–Donald Trump nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.
–Chris Christie thinks Marco Rubio is too pro-life on abortion.
–Fox network drama ‘Lucifer’ deemed spiritually dangerous.
–Officials at an Oklahoma school district say they wanted to send a clear warning
to protect against potential attacks so they put up signs alerting staff members
that other staff members could be carrying guns.
–Following a signing ceremony in New Zealand, the Obama administration is calling
on the GOP controlled Congress to hurry up and approve the the massive, free
trade regime known as the Trans Pacific Partnership.
–Washington, D.C., lawmakers are primed to begin paying local residents not to
break the law. 

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