It Could Happen Tomorrow Part 2

​​​​​​​​​​​Date:    June 28, 2016

Host:    Jim Schneider 

Guest:   Gary Frazier

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​Gary Frazier is the founder and president of Discovery Missions. He is a respected speaker and writer on the subject of Bible prophecy. He’s the author of numerous books, one on Israel that Crosstalk looked at previously. He joined Jim to present a second hour of discussion concerning the Bible’s prophetic time-line from the book, ‘It Could Happen Tomorrow: Future Events that will Shake the World’.

What will the new world order look like? Gary says we don’t know how it will play out but there are some broad parameters that Scripture gives us. One of them is the coming together of nations supposedly for the good of mankind. This is spoken of in Daniel 2. Daniel contains the vision of a statue that has a head of gold, arms and chest of silver, stomach and thighs of bronze, 2 legs and feet of iron along with 10 toes that are part iron and part clay.

God is telling us here that there will be 4 world powers throughout all of time. It begins with the Babylonian Empire, the Medo-Persian Empire (the chest/arms of silver), the Grecian world of Alexander the Great and finally the Roman Empire (the 2 legs of iron).

Next we come to the 10 toes of part iron and clay. Daniel saw a great stone cut out of a mountain without human hands that crashed into the feet of the statue. The statue fell and was ground up by the great stone into a fine powder and blown into the wind. This stone filled the whole earth and was the kingdom of God.

What does this have to do with us in modern times? In the aftermath of WWII, we saw the birth of the European Union, when 3 nations came together under an economic treaty (Belgium, Holland and Luxemburg). This was followed later in 1957 when France, Italy and Germany signed the Treaty of Rome. Then in 1973 we saw three other nations become part of the alliance and Greece became the 10th member nation in 1981. The total swelled to 23 nations and then we just saw the exit of Great Britain.

In the end you can’t have a coming one-world government when you have a world power that’s a democracy such as America. So the loss of freedoms, our incredible spending deficit and our plunge into immorality are signs of the demise of America. So as we decrease, the European Union will increase. The bottom line is that there will be a coalition of nations that will come together and ultimately they will be headed up by a ruler known as the Antichrist.

Gary continued with more from his book including:

–Will there be an Islamic invasion of Israel and what nations will be part of it?
–Is the Antichrist alive today?
–When can he be revealed?
–What are the 7 elements required for a one-world government led by Antichrist?
–What is the role of the false prophet and his relationship to the Antichrist?
–Since Israel is back in the land, can we expect to see preparations for the
rebuilding of the Temple in Jerusalem?

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