News Round-Up 8-5-16

​​​​​​Date:    August 5, 2016

Host:     Jim Schneider  

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​Jim helped get listeners caught up on news from the past week by focusing on the following headlines:

–The federal government has announced plans to lift the moratorium on funding of
certain controversial experiments that use human stem cells to create animal
embryos that are partly human.
–President Obama decides to seek a new United Nations Security Council resolution
that would call for an end to nuclear testing, a move that leading lawmakers are
referring to as an ‘end-run’ around Congress.
–A controversial United Nations inspired scheme in which Scottish authorities
assign a specific government bureaucrat to oversee the development of each child
is being implemented now, but the government’s named person will be charged with
pushing homosexuality, gender confusion and more on children that are assigned
to them.
–Under the guise of fighting violence against children, the Obama administration
has joined forces with socialist foreign regimes and various U.N. agencies in a
global partnership to wage war on parental rights.
–the U.N. says it will soon be too hot to work due to climate change.
–One of the world’s most powerful banksters, Baron Eric de Rothschild, has
announced his support for Bulgarian communist operative Irina Bokova and her
scandal-plagued campaign to lead the U.N.
–President Obama responds to the Nice attack by telling leaders that the world
needs more globalism.
–Outrage is growing nationwide, especially in Congress, after the Obama
administration was exposed to have paid an alleged illegal 400 million in cash
to Iran in exchange for 4 captured Americans.
–The Obama administration is alleged to have secretly organized an airlift of
close to half a billion dollars sent over in the form of Swiss Franks, Euros and
other currencies on wooden pallets.
–Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas accused the White House of handing over a 1.7
billion dollar ransom to the Ayatollahs for U.S. hostages.
–Regarding the commuting of 214 prisoner sentences, 67 of those individuals who
were granted clemency were serving life sentences. In total, President Obama
has granted clemency to 562 people, more than any other president in modern
–It appears that the Obama administration will hit its goal of admitting 10,000
Syrian refugees into the U.S. before the end of September.
–The Department of Homeland Security is redesigning and extending temporary
protected status to thousands of Syrian nationals already residing in the U.S.
–The F.B.I. wants the ability to turn your smart phone into a video and audio
recording device without your knowledge.
–The world’s largest evangelical Christian charity infiltrated by Hamas.
–Khizr Kahn, the father of the slain Muslim U.S. soldier who condemned Donald
Trump at the Democratic National Convention, is alleged to have ties to
Hillary Clinton’s e-mail server. He has a law firm in New York but for some
reason he deleted his firm’s website on Tuesday.
–Bill Clinton received 5.6 million dollars in fees as an honorary chairman of the
world’s largest educator on Shariah.
–The F.B.I. has charged a law enforcement officer in the U.S. with attempting to
provide material support to the Islamic State.
–The economic situation in Venezuela is so bad that people are slaughtering and
eating zoo animals.
–An F.B.I. employee pleads guilty to spying for China.
–China has fired dozens of missiles and torpedoes during exercises into the East
China Sea.
–The U.S. military is preparing for the largest land return in Okinawa since
–Vice President Joe Biden officiated the homosexual wedding of two White
House aids.
–In a show of solidarity after the Pulse nightclub massacre, nearly 2 dozen
Republican officials in central Florida have signed a resolution calling for
laws banning discrimination based on gender identity or sexual orientation.
–A Virginia school board can block a transgender female identifying as a male
from using the boys restroom when school begins next month.
–Several Wisconsin school districts are busy revising their gender discrimination
policies in the run-up to the new school year.
–The writer of Spider-Man is creating a transgender superhero.

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