Are the Days of Lot Upon Us?

​Date:    September 06, 2016
Host:    Jim Schneider  
Guest:  Peter LaBarbera
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​Peter LaBarbera is the founder and president of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality.

Peter told listeners that clearly we see the signs (of the days of Lot) all around us and the rebellion of men; that man believes he can create his own reality and how sad it is that people are so committed to sin and not caring at all about the counsel of God’s Word.

For example, Peter noted that in regard to the homosexual marriage issue, people will say, “Oh, because the court said so.” People who say that don’t understand that no court supersedes the Word of God and the authority of Scripture.

As this edition of Crosstalk moved along, Jim had Peter comment on the following stories, all showing that in our own way, we appear to be living in a time that is morally like the days of Lot. For example:

–Target stores are going to spend 20 million dollars to build single, locked door
restrooms in each of their stores, apparently due to a national boycott.
However, their policy of allowing men who claim they are women into women’s
restrooms is still in place.

–A Department of Justice transgender sensitivity video tells police across
America to let men into women’s washrooms.

–The ‘LGBTQ For Trump’ T-shirt.

–Liberty Counsel presented oral arguments requesting that the Virginia Supreme
Court review and reverse an earlier trial court ruling regarding the Fairfax
County School Board case. The board illegally added sexual orientation, gender
identity and gender expression to its policy and its student handbook.

–A Maryland school district instructs administrators and teachers not to tell
parents when transgender boys bunk with daughters on overnight field trips.

–A 4 year old child is the world’s youngest ever sex change patient.

–A Pennsylvania bill (SB-1306) would force religious organizations to hire and
retain employees regardless of their adherence to the organization’s beliefs on

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