Shakeup at the DNC

 ​Date:       November 14, 2016
 Host:       Jim Schneider
Guest:     Usama Dakdok
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​Usama Dakdok is the president of the Straightway of Grace Ministry.

There’s a considerable amount of finger-pointing going on within the Democratic Party and that is causing a shakeup within the Democratic National Committee (DNC). Poised to elect a new leader for the DNC, names have been popping up that include Howard Dean and Martin O’Malley. At this point, however, the front runner appears to be the first Muslim elected to Congress and current congressman from Minnesota, Keith Ellison.

A man once connected with the Nation of Islam, Keith Ellison is said to have converted to Islam when he was 19 years old at Wayne State University. When he gave his oath of office in 2007, he was sworn in using the Qur’an.

According to Usama Dakdok, Congressman Ellison chose the Qur’an because Thomas Jefferson believed there was wisdom and knowledge in other sources besides the Bible. History, however, says something very different.

Usama went on to note that early in our history, there was a time when U.S. ships were being taken captive and our men were being killed by Muslim pirates from the nations of Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Libya. He discovered that these pirates were Muslims who believe in a book called the Qur’an. As a wise man, Jefferson chose not to go to war just because these people were Muslims. Instead, he investigated to find out what they believe. He proceeded to read the Qur’an, discovering that it’s a savage book for a savage people who worship Allah who is not the God of the Bible. It teaches that it’s OK to kill the infidel and hence, kidnap our ships. This is why Jefferson ordered the first American war which destroyed these pirates.

Jim brought up other concerns regarding Congressman Ellison. For example:

–Pamela Geller claims that Ellison is well known for his pro-Hamas rallies and his pilgrimage to the Hajj in Saudi Arabia, paid for by the Muslim Brotherhood.

–In 2007 Ellison made a comparison between President Bush and 9-11 to Hitler and the 1933 Reichstag fire.

–Ellison’s also called for climate justice, racial justice and wage justice.

Jim also had Usama comment on the following:

–Recent news from the Council on American/Islamic relations (CAIR) and other Muslim groups indicate they are calling on President elect Donald Trump to reach out to Muslims and their communities that have been impacted by his rhetoric. They say Muslims are here to stay in America and won’t be intimidated or marginalized.

–The Islamic Circle of North America has also come forth indicating that they feel this was an appalling election season that saw Islamophobia, anti-immigrant, sexist and racist rhetoric become mainstream in the U.S. They’re urging the U.S. Justice Department to keep an eye on hate groups and individuals. Usama is often grouped with such individuals.

–The head of the Los Angeles office of the Council on American Islamic Relations called for an Arab Spring in America that would cause the overthrow of the U.S. government.

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