News Roundup 11-18-16

​​​Date:      November 18, 2016
​​Host:      Jim Schneider
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​Jim Schneider rolled out over 50 minutes worth of news stories pertinent to Crosstalk listeners. Headlines included:

–Senator Jeff Sessions has been offered the position of attorney general in the
Trump administration.
–Trump offers retired U.S. Army Lieutenant General Michael Flynn the position of
national security advisor.
–CAIR urges Trump not to offer Flynn the position due to his alleged anti-Muslim
comments and associations.
–Trump picks Kansas Representative Mike Pompeo to head up the CIA.
–The Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, submits his letter of
–Trump likely to embark on a victory tour of states he won in last week’s
–One of Michigan’s 16 electors, set to validate the election of Trump next month
in the electoral college, has testified on video that he and others in the state
are receiving death threats if they don’t vote for Clinton.
–Arizona’s electors are allegedly being hit by a flood of e-mails and phone calls
in a last gasp bid to get electors to vote for Clinton.
–Legislation in the Illinois General Assembly would punish any business that
would help the federal government build a wall along the U.S. southern border by
placing them on a prohibited investment list.
–Democratic mayors in so-called sanctuary cities are poised for a major clash
with Trump as city officials from Los Angeles to Washington vow not to cooperate
with his administration on deportation orders for illegal immigrants.
–New York Mayor Bill DeBlasio has said he will go so far as to destroy a database
of undocumented immigrants with city identification cards, before handing it
over to the Trump administration.
–Trump says he will immediately deport or incarcerate 2-3 million criminal,
undocumented immigrants once he takes office in January.
–Australia’s prime minister has disclosed that the U.S. has agreed to resettle an
unspecified number of refugees mostly from the Middle East region who are
currently housed in off shore detention centers after being prevented from
reaching Australia by boat.
–Muslim Brotherhood’s days of influencing the U.S. may be coming to an end.
–Portland police have reportedly arrested 112 anti-Trump protestors. Over half
of them have one thing in common. They didn’t vote in Oregon.
–A 24 year old wearing a ‘Make America Great Again’ hat choked and shoved.
–A ‘Black Lives Matter’ mob attacked a California man for wearing a Trump hat.
–A Chicago man was beaten and dragged behind a car for supporting Trump.
–High school students gang up on a 15 year old Trump supporter.
–A high school girl was punched and kicked for a pro-Trump social media post.
–A woman was allegedly attacked by a male Clinton supporter while handing out
Trump brochures on election day.
–A 45 year old man displaying a pro-Trump sign and American flag on a traffic
island in Connecticut allegedly assaulted by 2 men who got out of a
car and began submitting the man to a blizzard of punches and kicks. The
beating was apparently an ill considered distraction from their more urgent
business of transporting 54 bags of heroine and avoiding multiple arrest
warrants. They now have 3rd degree assault charges added to their records.
–A homeless women attempts to defend Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame star and ends
up being attacked by left-wing thugs.
–Online vitriol against Trump getting worse.
–The Founder and CEO of a major cyber-security firm has resigned after he
threatened to kill President-elect Donald Trump on Facebook.
–Liberal media did not carry news where protestors were carrying signs to rape
Trump’s wife.
–After saying his staff was committed to a peaceful transition of power, in a
press conference in Germany, President Obama passed up the opportunity to quiet
down the protests but instead encouraged protestors not to remain silent.
–At least 3 NBA teams will not stay at Trump branded hotels this season.
–The union known as The United Educators of San Francisco have released a
controversial guide to teaching public school children about Trump’s victory
over Clinton. It informs teachers that a racist and sexist man has become
president by pandering to a huge racist and sexist base and suggests that they
teach children the same.
–University of Rochester (New York) man pressured to step down as an
undergraduate program director in the department of computer science after he
posted a pro-Trump remark in the school’s anti-Trump and anti-American protest
Facebook page following the election.
–Trump feeds police who are protecting his hotel during protests.
–Trump’s national security adviser warned the Obama administration that pushing
agendas contrary to the president-elect’s position would not be in the spirit of
the transition.
–Does the Obama administration have a December ‘surprise’ for the Trump
administration? Could we see martial law declared in the wake of George Soros
funded anarchy in the streets? Could Obama pardon legions of hardened criminals
or even provoke a war with a foreign power?
–A group of House Democrats call on Obama to pardon about 750,000 young
undocumented immigrants who are temporarily shielded from deportation under a
2012 executive order.
–Obama rescinds a proposal to allow new oil and natural gas drilling in the
Arctic Ocean.
–U.S. Interior Secretary just canceled leases to drill for natural gas on federal
land in Colorado in a last ditch effort to stop an energy boom larger than the
Bakken shale discovery in North Dakota.
–Yesterday President Obama set a record for the largest number of pages of
federal rules and regulations ever issued in a year by one president. He added
572 pages yesterday to the federal register bringing his 2016 total to 81,640
–George Soros allegedly dumping millions of dollars into local elections.
–Trump indicates he may be finished pursuing the Clinton’s. However, House
Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz is not.
–Jesse Jackson calling for Obama to grant a pardon to Hillary Clinton ahead of
the inauguration.
–Obama dismissed the notion that he was responsible for Trump’s election.
–Obama named 21 recipients for the Presidential Medal of Freedom. One of the
names includes lesbian Ellen DeGeneres.
–Judicial Watch has obtained 1,593 pages of new IRS documents including notes
from a 2011 inter-office meeting revealing a top IRS official admitted that
Cincinnati office agents were targeting organizations requesting tax exempt
status based on guilt by association and party affiliation.
–Brad Avakian served as commissioner of the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industry
since 2008. In that role he achieved national notoriety for investigating Sweet
Cakes by Melissa (the bakery that refused to furnish a wedding cake for two
lesbians). In 2015 he levied a $135,000 fine on the store’s owner. In last
week’s general election he was defeated for the office of Oregon’s Secretary of
–Highlights (children’s) Magazine to embrace gay families.

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