News Roundup 8-4-17

​Date:         August 4, 2017
Host:         Jim Schneider
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​Today’s Crosstalk is a news roundup Friday and as always, Jim is very busy covering the news that affects us all.

US Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the ongoing “leak” investigations coming from Washington D.C. is a lead story. Sessions warns, the “culture of leaks must stop.” Leak investigations have tripled during President Trump’s presidency and Sessions warns prosecution. Other national stories today includes President Trump being commended by seven Major Generals and one Admiral for reversing Obama’s transgender policy in the military. Also, reported is Kansas Governor Sam Brownback’s nomination for Religious ambassador. 

In world news, Israel and it’s borders, North Korea with a reported hydrogen bomb, a story about a ban on any speaking against Islam, and ongoing transgender issues. As always, Crosstalk takes your calls.

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