George Soros Investing in New World Order

​​​​​​​​​​​Date:      October 23, 2017
Host:      Jim Schneider
Guest:    Alex Newman
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​Alex Newman is an international freelance journalist, educator and consultant. His articles frequently appear in The New American. He’s the co-author of the book, ‘Crimes of the Educators’.

Alex has uncovered information indicating that George Soros has transferred the bulk of his wealth to his Open Society Foundations. This is a sprawling, global network of entities and front groups pushing everything from globalism and big government to abortion, racial hatred, radical politicians, nationalized police, mass Islamic migration, open borders and more.

Soros comes from a Jewish background and at one time was in occupied Hungary. There was a time when as a young boy he was involved in helping out with the inventory and confiscation of property from Jews. In an interview he was asked if he had any guilt for stealing property from Jews. He said he had none.

Alex believes that it’s the lack of faith in God that has made Soros the man he is today. If you read his writings, he actually describes himself as a god. As such, Alex thinks Soros sees himself as someone who can command things to happen.

Soros just transferred 18 billion dollars to his Open Society Foundations. This is about three-fourths of his total wealth. So what is the society up to? Alex discovered that Soros was putting money into Catholic groups that were advocating for abortion and homosexuality. Then during some more recent leaks, it was discovered that this went even deeper; that he was funding community organizing groups that were ostensibly Catholic and using them to try and take what Pope Francis was saying and make that the mainstream view within the church.

This goes beyond the Catholic Church as well. Through a news outlet funded by Soros, Alex discovered that Soros was funding training programs for pastors in the nation of Georgia to teach them to become spokesmen for globalism. When you realize Soros is trying to infiltrate the Christian church and water-down or change certain teachings, he’s going after the most fundamental element of who we are and he’s doing it through deception, manipulation and front groups.

Alex also noted that Soros front groups were responsible for targeting Ireland because they felt if they could get pro-life laws to fall there, that would cause a domino effect. That would allow them to get pro-life laws to fall in Poland, Malta and Latin American nations as well.

It’s a multi-pronged approach where they go after the churches, the politics, the culture and the economics. Jim has Alex cover as much of this as possible and you’ll hear it all when you review this edition of Crosstalk.

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