News Roundup 5-25-18

Date:       May 25, 2018
Host:        Jim Schneider
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​The number of stories was high heading into the Memorial Day holiday weekend. Here’s a sample of those that Jim presented to Crosstalk listeners:

–President Trump cancels summit with North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un but is leaving the
door open for diplomacy.
–President Trump indicates the U.S. military is ready to go should foolish or
reckless acts take place by North Korea.
–One of the U.S. Navy’s most advanced guided missile destroyers arrived in Japan
on Tuesday to strengthen defenses against any potential ballistic missile
strikes by North Korea.
–The Pentagon announced that it dis-invited China to its ‘Rim of the Pacific’
exercise after reports that it’s secretly building up its military operation.
–The Air Force is integrating the B-61 Mod 12 nuclear weapon into the F-35 this
year. It’s part of a long-range plan to deploy a nuclear armed, dual capable F-
35 able to give commanders a wider envelope of precision, nuclear attack
–The Pentagon is speeding up U.S. weapons deliveries to allied militaries such as
Saudi Arabia, Romania, Japan and South Korea through new pilot authorities that
change how it can design and execute contracts.
–The Russian Navy launched 4 ballistic missiles from under the surface of the
White Sea. It’s the first time that 4 missiles have been simultaneously
launched from a vessel of its kind.
–Sweden has produced a 20 page pamphlet urging citizens to get prepared for war.
–The Trump administration is in a major reversal of Obama administration policy,
seeking to shutter every Iranian nuclear enrichment site including its heavy
waters reactors which could provide Iran with a second plutonium-based pathway
to a nuclear weapon.
–Secretary of State Mike Pompeo gives Iran an ultimatum and its people an
assurance in laying out the Trump administration’s agenda after pulling out of
the 2015 nuclear deal with the Islamist regime.
–The FBI warns that Iranian hackers could conduct new cyber attacks on American
businesses and government networks in response to the Trump administration’s
withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal.
–A Jewish-Christian political party will be on the ballot for the very first time
in Israel’s next general election.
–The U.S. embassy in China issued a health alert after a U.S. government employee
experienced an abnormal sound and suffered a mild brain injury.
–U.S. government officials denounced the declaration of victory by Venezuelan
President Nicolas Maduros as a fraud and issued new sanctions designed to
prevent him from selling off the nation’s debt to U.S. entities and individuals.
–Ammunition for a grenade launcher is lost somewhere in North Dakota.
–Air Force Global Strike Command is conducting an inventory of its weapons across
the entire command.
–Soldiers may soon be carrying monitoring devices that can alert doctors
thousands of miles away to medical emergencies and the need for treatment.
–President Trump signed a bi-partisan bill to loosen key portions of the Dodd-
Frank Act of 2010, cementing the first major changes to President Obama’s
landmark banking laws.
–There has been talk about the August recess being canceled in full or in part
for U.S congressmen.
–Only days after a poll found that many voters believe Senator John McCain should
leave office now so a successor can be chosen by voters, a political action
committee called for him to resign.

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