Islamic Celebration Descends on Minneapolis

Date:        August 22, 2018
Host:        Jim Schneider
Guest:      Usama Dakdok
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​​Islamic observances are taking place this very week including the Hajj (the pilgrimage to Mecca) as well as Eid al Adha. This latter observance took place yesterday where here in the U.S., thousands joined in what was called a ‘Super Eid’ celebration that was held at the U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis. It’s been reported that this is the first time that such an event has ever occurred in the U.S. It was pushed as another attempt at interfaith participation. Even political candidates were on hand.

Is this really all about peace and love as some Muslims claim? What about the chanting of ‘Allahu Akbar’ that took place? Joining Jim to answer these and other related questions was Usama Dakdok. Usama is the president of the Straightway of Grace Ministry and speaker on the daily radio program, ‘Revealing the Truth About Islam’. He has translated the Quran into English giving an accurate English translation and also has authored, ‘Exposing the Truth about the Quran’.

Eid al Adha revolves around chapter 37 of the Quran and Abraham sacrificing his son. It’s a celebration Muslims have been observing for the past 1,400 years. The problem is, they’ve been celebrating ignorantly because the sacrifice was not Ishmael as Muslims assume, but rather, Isaac. In fact, Usama asserts that Muslims can’t tell us who the father of Mohammed is, and if you can’t do that, how can you tie Mohammed to Ishmael?

Jim heard audio of the ‘Allahu Akbar’ chant at the event. In addition to explaining what this means, Usama also noted that its a victory shout and its purpose is to bring fear into the heart of the enemy.

So why were speakers saying this gathering was all about peace and love? Usama stated the following without hesitation. ‘We love to cut you to pieces!’ He went on to ask how you can get love out of a book called the Quran where Allah never mentions love except for those who engage in war? How can you have peace in the Quran when Allah said not to call for peace when you have the upper hand?

This is just the beginning of an interesting program that also looks at more Islamic theology, speakers that were involved, the interfaith angle, and input from Crosstalk callers.

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