Islam Advances in an Ignorant Society

Usama Dakdok

Date:   January 2, 2018   
Host:   Jim Schneider   
Guest:  Usama Dakdok
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Usama Dakdok is the founder of the Straight Way of Grace Ministry. Usama travels and speaks in order to equip Christians to be effective witnesses of Jesus Christ to their Muslim neighbors as well as ministering to Muslims directly. He has conducted a word for word translation of the Qur’an from Arabic into English called, ‘The Generous Qur’an’ and has also authored the two-volume set, ‘Exposing the Truth about the Qur’an.’ He’s the speaker on the daily radio broadcast, ‘Revealing the Truth About Islam.’

This Crosstalk delved into numerous aspects related to the advancement of Islam in American society. For example, it’s been reported by Jihad Watch that Rashida Tlaib of Michigan, who’s been elected to Congress, will be sworn in on an English translated copy of the Qur’an, a copy obtained by the 3rd president of the U.S., Thomas Jefferson.

Usama noted that Minnesota Senator Keith Ellison was sworn in on the same Qur’an and told the people the lie that Jefferson believed in Islam. So now we have Rashida Tlaib repeating the same lie and lots of people will believe it.

As Usama explained, Jefferson read the Qur’an in order to learn the truth about Islam. When he discovered what Muslims were doing in North Africa, he went to war against them to end the killing of our men, the kidnapping of our women and the taking of our ships. Jefferson discovered what Usama knows, that Islam is a savage cult and he had to go to war, a war that America won.

In light of this, Jim brought forth an interesting question: Can a person swear the oath of office on the Qur’an while also upholding the Constitution of the United States at the same time?

Usama’s response was simply, ‘No’. You’ll find that the Qur’an teaches that if you’re a true Muslim, it’s OK to swear and lie as you give your oath. At the same time you cannot be a Muslim and an American. As a Muslim, Tlaib does not believe in the constitution of man, she believes in the constitution of Allah which is known as Sharia (the word of Allah in the Qur’an and the commands of Mohammed in the Hadith).

This was just the beginning of the discussion that also looked at the following:

  • Efforts to bring forth 200 Muslim candidates for the 2020 election.
  • A hospital in Cleveland, Ohio, has fired a Muslim doctor for putting anti-Semite comments on social media.
  • Muslim community patrol cars in New York City suburb areas.
  • A Muslim cleric says that trying to take jihad from the Qur’an and the Sunnah is taking sweetness out of honey.
  • Cases where Muslim perpetrators are viewed as having mental issues instead of seeing the situations as being religiously motivated.
  • Is Islam a religion of peace?

There’s much more content on this broadcast, including input from Crosstalk listeners.

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