Mission Accomplished: Nehemiah Trumpet Call 97.3FM

Date:   January 14, 2018   
Host:   Jim Schneider   
Guest:  William Levi 
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William Levi is the founder and overseer of Operation Nehemiah Missions, International. William is a Messianic believer. He was trained academically as a manufacturing engineer. He relinquished his engineering career to answer God’s calling in his life to establish Operation Nehemiah Mission in 1993. His ministry in South Sudan is focused on rebuilding and restoring the biblical family and the Church in the Republic of the South Sudan which is recovering from the ashes of war and Islamic persecution through the preaching of the Gospel. Their theme verse comes from Nehemiah 2:18, ‘Let us rise up and build. So they strengthened their hands for this good work.’

William shared how Islamic oppression was taking place in South Sudan. This was a burden on his heart as he wanted to see the people touched by the Gospel and radio was a way to reach them. In response, he established Nehemiah Trumpet Call 97.3FM.

A fixed location station was a dangerous proposition at that time. Crosstalk listeners helped provide funding for a mobile radio station. That station utilized a pneumatic mast that could be raised or lowered, allowing them to travel to different areas.

As time went on, they were able to obtain a fixed location and erect a 300 foot tower that Crosstalk listeners helped fund back in 2007. This location didn’t have adequate electricity, so once again, listeners came through to provide funding for the purchase of solar panels.

Fast-forward to 2018. Crosstalk crossed paths with William and learned that Nehemiah Trumpet Call was broadcasting in facilities that were very substandard, lacking in things such as air conditioning and sound-proofing. The result was that they were actually broadcasting outside under a large tree!

This past May, Crosstalk launched a special missions project to raise funds to build studio facilities that are now complete. Jim played a sample of audio from the station, and all involved can praise God for this Gospel outreach that’s changing lives in South Sudan and Uganda.

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